2 river dolphins 1 anaconda: dashing biology | Brigitte Mulroy

A strange animal interaction was filmed this week. The video is hereand you can decide how crazy this story is.

Biologists spotted two male Bolivian river dolphins, and the sighting was deemed obscure when they saw the dolphins playing with a Beni Anaconda.

Since this species is not known to be above the surface for long periods of time, it became clear why this incident was quite unusual.

Anacondas can swim, but only to a certain extent – ​​when they are not spotted as toys for dolphins.

Beni Anacondas are known to be apex predators. It is assumed that the anaconda was injured and helpless once the dolphins started playing with it.

How the dolphins had fun is also open to interpretation. “Looking more at the photos, the [Stanford] The group realized that the dolphins holding the anaconda while swimming in unison had erect penises – further evidence that the interaction was playful, reports Smithsonian Magazine.

the Bolivian river dolphin is an almost extinct species of dolphin native to the rivers of Bolivia. According to Brittanica, the Bolivian dolphin is smaller than the Amazonian dolphin and has a more pink than gray complexion, unlike its Amazonian cousin. the Teotonio the rapids separate these species and make the Bolivian dolphins all the more interesting. The species is restricted to a small area of ​​Bolivia, South America.

Since this dolphin is so rare and nearly extinct, any observed interaction is extraordinary; even if it’s a little daring. The event is still being evaluated.

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