After remaining open throughout the pandemic, Crust Artisan Bakeshop will open a second location in Worcester


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In March, after hearing news from the state compulsory advice at home, Alexis Kelleher, owner of Crust Artisan Bakeshop, thought that would be it for his business.

We’re not going to be able to survive this, Kelleher thought to himself.

Today, Crust Artisan Bakeshop is booming and opening a second location in the city of Worcester, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The famous artisan bakery will open its second location at One West Boylston Street in Chadwick Court.

The Main Street Bakery’s performance during the pandemic enabled them to make the move, Kelleher says.

“We decided not to allow people to enter the store until it was mandatory,” Kelleher said. “We got used to ordering online pretty early on and I think it bothered some people a bit at first because it confused them or they didn’t want to change their routine, but it ended up being beneficial to us in the long run. run because we were able to handle things quite easily. “

As big box grocers across the country quickly ran out of staples like bread, Crust took advantage of shortages.

“We were selling every day,” Kelleher recalls. “There was a small period of time where our numbers actually got a little boost, which we weren’t expecting. But I think it also helped keep morale high at the bakery. Everyone was working really hard … Knowing that we were doing something important for people and what people needed, I think we really helped keep it going.

Kelleher says a second location was always in mind, but there were no plans to open one until the One West Boylston Street opportunity presented itself. Before the coronavirus outbreak, Niche Hospitality Group operated an off-premises Steam Energy Café.

“We thought it was going to be something we wanted to do later and then that sort of thing happened, not when we had necessarily planned it, but we just thought this place was something we couldn’t.” Give Way. “

And while many local restaurants and businesses have closed during the pandemic, Crust has remained open and has hired more staff to track orders online.

All of the cooking will still be done at the Main Street location, Kelleher said.

“We’re going to try to expand our offering of breakfast and lunch sandwiches a bit,” Kelleher said.

Now Kelleher and her husband Nate, who owns the bakery and Main northern provisions with, focus on transforming the window into a space that reflects the Crust brand.

“We painted a bit to make the colors feel a bit more like us and put a showcase so we could showcase our pastries,” she said. “Most of them were in really great shape, we don’t have to do much, we’re really happy and lucky about that.”

Artist Nicole Coleman, who participated in the Black Lives Matter Wall Paint, will paint a mural inside the new location, Kelleher says.

The bakery hopes to open the new location by mid-September.

MassForward is MassLive’s series examining the journey of Massachusetts small businesses through and beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

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