ANTI Double-Token Ecology Established and Launched to Lead Development of Blockchain Gaming Industry

At a time when the first blockchain projects started to achieve multi-type integration, forming an exclusive metaverse in different categories, ANTI, which is the very first anti-hash quiz game, entered the metaverse realm. According to the developers, its long-term planning double-token model and perfect sacred password 142857 double-pool mechanism are unprecedented.

ANTI’s foundry deflation is about to disrupt the entire network, which will inevitably become the main trend in the industry. With the introduction of casting and trading, the gaming experience will be further enhanced, which means that users who enter this stage early can have the opportunity to get rich quick.

There are currently many kinds of games in the metaverse, the companies involved are all well-known in the industry, and most of the games are characterized by too unique and relatively tight integration mechanism, which has a great impact on the project development. ANTI, on the other hand, has many features, such as casting, trading, option, hash, roulette, and blind box, which have attracted many new users. The presale amount of ANTI is 60,000,000,000 coins, starting from the presale price of 0.00001 USDT, while 1 million coins of ANTI is equal to 10 USDT, 2 million coins of ANTI is equal to 0.05 BNB and the total ANTI supply is 1,000,000,000,000 coins.

ANTI attracts a large number of players in the Play-to-Earn mode, and its core elements include blockchain, Token, NFT and DeFi. The Play-to-Earn expansion mode determines its stable and safe characteristics.

Since ANTI entered the market, the number of players participating in it has grown by leaps and bounds. In the metaverse game rankings, ANTI has grown at an incredible speed, from being unknown to entering the list and then entering the top position. Currently, the number of participants in ANTI is the highest in the industry. The number of players entering ANTI and the player retention rate are both high. The growth rate exceeded 7.4% for the top three games in the metaverse.

This means that the earlier users get into the game, the higher the amount of revenue they can get, which is also the case for Bitcoin. With the continuous improvement of gameplay and game mechanism, the number of independent metaverses that can be integrated will continue to increase, which means that the development range that can be obtained will continue to increase. It will allow players to verify ownership of assets in time and ensure the stability and security of assets in and out of the game. For this reason, industry authorities and major players are extremely optimistic about the scope of the development of ANTI.

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