Baguio senior government officials for a day

CITY OF BAGUIO: Fifty-six seniors will serve the summer capital through various local government offices today, October 17, while regional offices welcomed their senior officials for a day (Scofad) on Monday, October 10, as part of the city’s celebration of Seniors Month.

Orientations on their functions were conducted beforehand by the respective offices where they are assigned, with swearing in on the day of the service.

The 56-person Scofad is led by retired municipal government employee Epifania Tamiao replacing Representative Mark Go, Alexander Wasian ousting Mayor Benjamin Magalong and Luz Abella taking the seat of Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan.

Senior Gerald Gammad is Advisor for Youth Welfare and Sports Development; Delia Nicolas for tourism, special events, parks and playgrounds; Mario delos Reyes for ethics, government affairs and personnel; and Thelma Kim for education, culture, creativity and historical research.

Retired municipal administration employees Noel Mabutas, Raymund Ruaro and Dr. Zoraida Clavio serve as councillors, for law, human rights and justice; Urbanism, Territories and Housing; and health and sanitation, ecology and environmental protection, respectively.

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The retired trio have held positions related to the board committee which they lead for a day as senior advisers.

For City Council, Benigno Andam replaces Councilor Maria Mylen Victoria Yaranon as Chair of the Public Works Committee; Flordeliza Lagera is an adviser for a day in charge of social services, women and the urban poor; and Verena Viernes leads the Market, Trade and Commerce and Agriculture Committee.

Laurito Alinao is Chairman of the Committee for Public Safety and Security, Peace and Order; Ursula Daoey replaces councilor Allad-iw for a day on the council’s committee on jobs, livelihoods and co-operatives, people with disabilities; while Viola Aplosen is chair of the council’s committee on utilities, transport and traffic legislation for a day.

For years, the advisers of Scofad have dispensed with their duties, in the same way as elected officials.

Their approved legislative proposals, such as resolutions and ordinances, have been implemented, some of which serve as the basis for other measures.

All Scofad officials have undergone three screenings by Councilor Elmer Datuin; Betty Lourdes Tabanda, adviser and head of the Association of Government Pensioners; Edita Ibarra, President of the Federation of Associations for the Elderly; Margaret Tolero, office manager of the Association of the Elderly; Responsible for the Baguio Association of Retired Rogelio Urbanozo; and Acting Social Welfare and Development Officer (CSWDO) Liza Bulayungan as Secretariat.

The Scofad qualifier must be a Baguio resident, member of a senior citizens organization accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development or the CSWDO.

Only one term is allowed for those in the top three positions, while only two terms are allowed for those in the positions of advisers and department heads.

Once appointed to a position, the senior must be present on Scofad day, able to assume the responsibilities granted to his position.

Seniors were chosen based on their education (15%), work or professional background (5%), personal qualities and character traits (15%), accomplishments and achievements (30% ), their community involvement and services (30%). with at least five awards received (5 percent).

The city department heads will be replaced by Leonila Loreto as city accountant; Purita Pacial, municipal administrator; Jessie Rivera, Auditor; Nadelline Orallo, budget manager; Dominador Floresca, construction and architecture agent; Teresita Bilagot, civil registrar; Evangelina Tangalin, superintendent of the Baguio Schools Division Department of Education; Bernadette Gallardo, Director of the Department of Interior and Local Government; Brigida Ancheta, municipal engineer; Elizabeth Bautista, Environment and Parks Management Officer; and Erlinda Eslava, General Service Officer.

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