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Hisar: Amid complaints of overbilling Covid patients against a private hospital, Ramesh Poonia, a biologist in the health department, had two patients’ bills fixed in two days and got the concerned doctor to cut a bill by Rs 1.42 lakh. Two complaints have been filed against the Shanti Devi eye hospital. The hospital doctor blamed the billing staff for this.
Dr Kapil Jain, director of Shanti Devi Hospital, said the bills were inflated due to billing from staff members, whose services were interrupted. When asked if other patients’ bills would be checked, he replied that it was the hospital’s internal matter.
A 55-year-old Covid-positive woman from Bhiwani was admitted to Shanti Devi Eye Hospital for treatment on May 16 and was released on May 22. The family had deposited Rs 1.08 lakh but the hospital bill was allegedly Rs 1.20 lakh and management allegedly asked for Rs 12,000 more. Upon receipt of the complaint, biologist Ramesh Poonia contacted the doctor, who allegedly admitted the discrepancy. Instead of demanding 12,000 rupees, he reportedly gave the complainants a check for 36,000 rupees against the amount already deposited. However, the woman’s family members said they would also file a complaint with administrative authorities.
Hansi resident Rakesh Khurana said his father was admitted to Shanti Devi Eye Hospital on March 31 and discharged on April 5. He died at home on April 9 and a bill of Rs 1.85 lakh was reportedly prepared by hospital authorities. The doctor later reportedly returned a check for Rs 1.07 lakh when he approached Ramesh Poonia.
Rs 11.20 lakh bill reduced to Rs 1.66 lakh
A similar case was revealed to Hisar on May 11, in which a private doctor allegedly billed Rs 11.20 lakh for a Delhi-based couple, but then reduced it by Rs 1.66 lakh. When the patient contacted Ramesh Poonia about the Rs 11.20 lakh bill on May 11, he spoke to the concerned doctor, who reportedly reduced it to Rs 3.60 lakh. The next day he posted about it on Facebook and the doctor gave the patient a check for Rs 5.94 lakh.
The president of the IMA takes the initiative: Poonia
Ramesh Poonia said he called on IMA President Dr JPS Nalwa to take notice of the matter and form a committee to force private hospitals to investigate the accounts of patients with Covid-19. He said refunds should be issued in cases where an overcharge has been made and hospitals that have engaged in the practice should be blacklisted.
Team that does not respond
DC Priyanka Soni said treatment management teams have been urged to ensure that discharged patients are not billed more than the rates published by the government. Different teams of executive magistrate, civil surgeon, IMA and representatives of the hospitals concerned have been appointed. However, civil surgeon Dr Ratna Bharti, a member of the team, did not respond when contacted.

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