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There are many great parts of William Blount Ninth Grade Academy as evidenced by the reasons teachers love this campus and the resources available.

Over the past few months, the William Blount Wood and its open-air classroom have been the subject of discussion. Lately, many classes are taking advantage of the resources this region has to offer. For example, this month many academy biology classes are heading to the woods to analyze biodiversity.

Over the past few weeks, some of Ian Britton’s biology classes have gathered macroinvertebrates – also known as stream bugs – from the creek to identify them using microscopes and then release them. This identification makes it possible to determine the health of the stream according to the types of species present.

A greater number of species that are more tolerant of pollution indicates a lack of vapor health, while a greater number of more sensitive species indicates a much healthier stream. Therefore, this analysis is very interesting and enlightening for the students.

In addition, more virtual interviews have been conducted lately, these questions for teachers. One question was: what is the best part of teaching at the ninth grade academy? Mike Johnson, who teaches computer applications, replied, “The best part of teaching at Ninth Grade Academy, in my opinion, is a smaller number of students in the building. It gives me the opportunity to get to know many 9th grade students every year. In addition, the faculty and administration that I work with is top notch. “

Christopher Tabeling, a biology teacher, replied, “The best part about the ninth grade academy is the small size of the school. This allows the staff to get to know each other very well and I interact with the same students throughout the year.

Another question was: What made you want to become a teacher?

Johnson said: “I spent 15 years working in management and finance, seeing how young adults struggle to live within their means, pay their bills and save for the future. I decided that I would go get my teaching certification and teach the students how to do these things. Over the past 17 years, I have taught many courses where I have been able to incorporate these skills to students.

Tabeling replied, “There is a litany of reasons why I became a teacher, but I think the most important thing is that I love teaching students. I have always loved learning in school and loved the atmosphere of a classroom. So, the general consensus is that the smaller size of the academy campus makes it more fun to teach, and there are multiple interesting pathways that lead to teaching.

Emily Whitehead is the school correspondent for WB Ninth Grade Academy.

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