BP fined $100,000 over gasoline spills in suburban Seattle pipeline

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — The Washington Department of Ecology is penalizing British Petroleum $100,000 for two gasoline spills from the Olympic pipeline in a Seattle suburb.

BP carried out construction work on the Olympic Pipeline in Woodinville on February 21, 2020, and after completing a phase of the work, the pipeline has returned to normal operating pressure, ecology officials said in a statement Thursday. Press.

The next day, according to officials, someone smelled fuel, contacted BP and the line was closed. The spilled gasoline was contained at the scene, Ecology said.

BP checked a similar construction site to the north and confirmed there was more spilled gasoline. About 67.4 gallons of gasoline reached state waters, Ecology said. The contractors removed the contaminated groundwater and the leak was repaired.

According to Ecology, the spills were caused by BP improperly tightening the fittings and not performing a leak check at normal operating pressure. After the leaks were discovered, BP did not conduct a pre-entry site safety assessment, as required, and did not provide timely notification of the water spill, Ecology said.

BP has 30 days to appeal the sanction to the Pollution Control Hearings Board.

A BP spokesperson said in an email that Olympic Pipe Line Company LLC – operated by BP Pipelines (North America) Inc. – took these incidents seriously, continues to learn from them and is evaluating whether it will appeal the penalty.

Gasoline is highly flammable, toxic to aquatic life and presents significant safety issues if released, Ecology said.

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