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Community is known for cultivating a tolerant environment with its quirky and adventurous main cast. However, no series has ever come to fruition without conflict; and while Greendale Community College already offers enough obstacles on its own, it doesn’t compare to the inherent fight-or-flight responses generated by Señor Ben Chang.

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In many ways, Chang has been CommunityThe best villain whose erratic and vengeful behavior haunted the study group for many years. After losing his teaching job, Chang became even more of a nemesis over the years, going so far as to take over school with an iron fist. By far the most difficult to forgive or trust on the show, Chang provided some of the show’s most intense moments and episodes.

ten Modern Warfare (S1 Ep23)

“Modern warfare” is a Community episode that never got old and was the first of the paintball episodes. At that time, the problems and the absurdity were all due to a wrong decision by Dean Pelton. The episode, while thrilling, didn’t have the same villain as the following two incarnations. Ben Chang, however, in his best John Woo outfit, stepped into the game to help cut the numbers and spice up an already action-packed episode.

Being as competitive as he is, Ben Chang naturally has his own paintball set and bursts into the game as the Dean’s final boss. He faces off against Jeff and Britta in a big battle and comes out with a huge explosion of paint. Some people really like paintball.

9 Environmental Sciences (S1 Ep10)

A photo of Chang and his wife

When Chang was “Señor Chang,” the study group actively feared him and did their best to be on his safe side or never get on his radar in the first place. It was hard to do in “Environmental Science” when Chang started talking about his recent marital problems in class.

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Since Jeff was the best talker in the class, the study group got him to talk with Chang, only to inadvertently become Chang’s best friend and get special treatment for himself. Here, Chang gives a taste of his sensitive side and his history which, while still very unpredictable, has helped to make Chang a more grounded character.

8 Cork-based Networking Analysis (S5 Ep6)


While some episodes attempt to equalize Chang, others simply take him back to his wilder, more absurd roots. In Season 5, Chang has already gotten nicer and is welcomed into the group. He is trusted to help organize another of the Dean’s Dances as Jeff and Annie explore the world of college bureaucracy.

Chang manages to cry to make the group accept his obscure idea of ​​dance: “Bear down for midterms. With little else to do, they form a variety of bear-themed decorations, not realizing Chang only thought of them due to a recent bear attack on the news. With his first project as an official band member going awry, Chang does his best to cover up the mistake.

7 Making of advanced documentary films (S4 Ep6)


In the iteration of season 4 of Communitymock documentary series (one of the most famous trope subversions in the series), Dean asks group to film documentary about Chang and his recent fight with “Changnesia” as a way to get grants for the school . After the events of Season 3, Jeff is understandably skeptical of whether Changnesia is even real, especially since he’s literally named Chang.

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This constantly puts him at odds with the newly named “Kevin”, whose ignorance and new-found kindness takes all of Jeff’s sabotage attempts in stride. “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking” showed Chang outside of his normal waters and helped fans believe the series was truly attempting a redemption arc for him. If only he really was …

6 Queer Studies and Advanced Hair Removal (S6 E4)


Along with Ken Jeong’s acting journey, Ben Chang begins acting and filming roles during season 6. His first big break comes in one of the best episodes of season 6, “Queer Studies & Advanced Waxing ”, where he auditioned for the lead role in the playful adaptation of Karate Kid. However, instead of playing Daniel LaRusso, he lands the role of Mr. Miyagi.

Believing he has been typed, he becomes distraught, especially with the director’s Kubrickian pressure. However, in an interesting twist, the director was only seeing what fans back home were already seeing in Chang: a man in search of redemption. He didn’t catalog Chang but gave him the deepest and most demanding role in the play. By extension, the episode helped fans see more potential for Ken Jeong.

5 Competitive ecology (S3 Ep3)

Chang investigates his own fire

Before Chang began planning to take over school in Season 3, Dean Pelton mistakenly gave him his first tyrannical power when he hired him as a security guard. In “Competitive Ecology,” Chang began to take his job a little too seriously when he began to believe that a mystery was hanging over Greendale.

He starts picking up random items around the school as clues and embarks on a neo-noir style interior monologue. This is one of the most hilarious episodes in the series that warns of the dangers ahead as Chang takes on a little more power than he should be trusted.

4 Celebrity Pharmacology (S2 Ep13)

In season 2, Chang not only tried to fit in with the study group, but also to get closer to Shirley after finding out that she could carry her baby. “Celebrity Pharmacology” shows some of Chang’s early attempts to try and get involved in Shirley’s pregnancy, and Shirley’s outright refusal to let him approach the baby.

In an effort to prove how good he can be with kids, Chang saves Annie’s anti-drug game after Pierce hijacks it for himself. Against Pierce’s version, Chang scares the kids in the auditorium when he shows them how unstable and brutal drugs can be.

3 Eastern European Custody and Diplomacy (S2 Ep18)

“Custody Law & Eastern European Diplomacy” showed Chang’s most aggressive attempt to get closer to Shirley, and Shirley’s ultimate attempt to get rid of him. Here, Shirley asks Jeff to try to get Chang to sign a document that waives all of his custody rights. However, when Chang offers to become more responsible and leave Jeff’s apartment to prove himself to Shirley, Jeff encourages him to show Shirley that he can be more responsible.

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What follows is Chang’s hilarious mimicry of what a responsible person looks like, complete with a sweater, glasses, a pipe, and random talk about the rod market. When the simple act of using a costume fails, Chang takes matters into his own hands and decides to babysit Shirley’s children (or who he says are Shirley’s children).

2 Applied Anthropology And Culinary Arts (S2 Ep22)

“Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts” sees the climax of Shirley’s pregnancy arc. In the midst of the group’s halfway anthropology, she goes into labor, forcing everyone to panic. As everyone scrambles to figure out what to do, Chang tries to share stories about her family’s tumultuous but inspiring history with childbirth.

As disgusting as her stories may be, Shirley is more receptive to anyone’s words and asks Chang to stay by her side. As the baby eventually turned out to be André’s, Shirley was so grateful for Chang’s efforts that she gave her newborn baby her name.

1 First Chang Dynasty (S3 Ep21)


“First Chang Dynasty” showed Chang at his best, that is, he showed him at his worst and meanest. In the ultimate climax of his plan to take over the school, Chang kidnapped and replaced the dean with a doppelganger, kicked out Greendale’s study group, and used an army of child security guards to rule the school. .

Chang even dresses like Napoleon Bonaparte, creates his own throne room, and displays propaganda posters of himself all over Greendale. “First Chang Dynasty” showed the group’s attempts to find the dean and thwart Chang. However, facing Chang in his nastiest form, the mission was not easy.

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