Cornwall College Group to host postgraduate degree in Ecology


Cornwall will welcome the UK’s very first Ecology graduate apprentices with the launch of a new course by the Cornwall College Group (TCCG).

The unique opportunity to earn a master’s degree in ecological restoration and specialize in one of three ecological subjects while working full time has been added to the environmental and conservation courses offered at Eden Project Learning – a partnership between world famous attraction and TCCG.

Companies interested in hiring an environmental apprentice are invited to attend a virtual information event to find out how their business could benefit – including how those hiring before September will receive the government bonus of £ 3,000.

Eden Project Learning Director Dr Mark Nason commented: “This is a UK first and an incredible opportunity for businesses as well as students. The course was designed in direct response to demand seen from inside the sector.

“The country needs more trained environmentalists and apprenticeships offer one of the best ways to get a qualification in such a practical industry – students can earn while they learn, and employers will help create experts in the industry. domain while being seen as having a strong commitment to this vital sector.

Employers interested in participating in the program are invited to join Dr Nason at a virtual information event on July 27 at 2:00 p.m. – further details are available at

Dr Nason added: “A recent report by a committee of MPs said that a severe shortage of trained environmentalists is hampering efforts by local governments to oversee biodiversity policies, with the committee recommending investing in training and skills as part of government plans for green jobs. .

“As a university, we are incredibly proud to position ourselves at the forefront of environmental education with a wide variety of courses covering biodiversity, conservation, ecology and sustainable agriculture.

“And as a career college, our main goal is to place our students in meaningful jobs where they can make a lasting difference once they graduate with that – this learning is a great example of how we get there. let’s get through. ”

The “blended” nature of the level seven environmentalist learning provided by TCCG, which will see weekly virtual classes and four five-day residencies at The Eden Project over two years, means any company in the country could participate by hiring a new apprentice.

The course was created by a ‘pioneer group’, which brought together ten employers to combine industry expertise with ecology and involved leading voices from Natural England, the Agency for the environment, Greenspace Ecological Solutions, Middlemarch Environmental and others.

Three different paths are offered as part of the program with apprentices choosing to study as an ecology consultant, ecologist or landscape ecologist.

The addition of learning comes as the Cornwall College Group reported a record increase in the number of students applying to courses starting in September and after a large-scale investment in student experience and facilities.

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