Costa Rica creates a new biological reserve:


As part of the National Parks Day celebrations, Costa Rica established a new biological reserve on Tuesday.

The Reserva Biológica del Bicentenario de la República – Pájaro Campana, a name that evokes the country’s next bicentenary, is located in the township of Coto Brus, Puntarenas.

The reserve covers an area of ​​5,075 acres and borders La Amistad International Park, which is shared with Panama, and the Las Tablas Protection Zone.

Its forests are home to biodiversity of scientific and conservation interest, and its rivers supply drinking water to communities in the southern zone of Costa Rica.

“These areas become natural laboratories which promote research, for a good management of the protected wild area”, declared the president Carlos Alvarado.

“Expanding the protection of these ecosystems would increase their resilience to global change, thereby ensuring greater ecological integrity. ”

National park officials said the new reserve will be integrated into a model of shared responsibilities in which local communities are involved in the support and benefits of the protected area.

La Reserva Biológica del Bicentenario de la República – Pájaro Campana will fly Costa Rica’s bicentennial flag as the country counts the days to its 200th anniversary on September 15.

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