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BASINGSTOKE and Deane Borough Council said nature is the key to healing our climate after declaring a “double emergency”.

During a plenary council meeting held on Thursday, October 14, borough councilors discussed the project to declare an ecological emergency.

Plans include declaring an ecological emergency, adding ecological implications alongside those for climate and sustainability in committee and council reports, working with communities to promote protection, restoration, expanding and connecting landscapes and habitats and working with stakeholders to provide opportunities for learning and reconnecting with nature.

The motion was unanimously approved by all councilors present.

Cllr Andy Konieczko (Liberal Democrat), who moved the motion spoke in favor, said: “The challenges and risks posed by climate change are well known.

“We all have a role to play in reducing our carbon emissions. The central government has a role to play in helping us make the right decisions. ”

He said climate change is not the only thing “threatening the world” after a recent study concluded that 15 percent of the UK’s species are threatened with extinction.

He added: “I grew up in rural Leicestershire, I took everything for granted and it wasn’t until I moved to London that I recognized the value of nature.

“If our natural world is left to rot, the consequences are dire.”

The State of the Wild 2019 highlighted the critical decline in biodiversity in the UK and showed that 15% of UK species are currently listed as threatened with extinction and 2% are already extinct.

Councilor Paul Harvey, head of the Basingstoke and Deane Independent Group also seconded the motion.

He said: “Right now we are facing a man-made disaster on a global scale.

“We have to rewind our district. I hope that by declaring an ecological emergency we will restart the recovery of our wildlife.

“I hope we take the last chance to save Basingstoke and Deane’s wildlife.”

Cllr Mark Ruffell (Conservative) also shared similar views.

He said he wanted to make a similar motion himself and that this environment has been forgotten for “too long”.

He added: “Restoring nature is vital to tackling climate change. ”

Labor group leader Cllr Andy McCormick has also shown his support.

He said, “I hope that when we pass this motion it will crystallize our thoughts. Do not pave gardens, guard the undergrowth, join and support conservation groups.

“It is my vision that each area will have a conservation group that will look after the biodiversity groups.”

Cllr, Jacky Tustain, also a member of the Labor group, said we are currently facing an “ecological emergency” and they are both “intertwined”.

She added: “What we do will affect future generations. We have a responsibility to make sure we prevent future damage.

“I urge you all to support this motion as well. ”

Second, the Environmental Bill will require the introduction of a local nature recovery strategy and nature recovery network as a planning aid.

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