Ecological Laboratories, Inc. announces the acquisition of TOMCO Chemical to strengthen its reach in hog farming waste management.

CAPE CORAL, Florida., July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ecological Laboratories, Inc., a biotechnology company that develops and manufactures new proprietary liquid microbial formulations capable of solving many of the toughest environmental problems, announced the acquisition of TOMCO Chemical. TOMCO Chemical has supplied bacterial products specifically to break down solids and reduce odors for hog farms in United States.

“We are thrilled to bring the TOMCO team together with Ecological, giving us critical mass to research, support and address grower agricultural waste challenges today and tomorrow. Says the CEO of Ecological Nicolas Favret.

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. has served the hog waste management industry for over forty years. By acquiring TOMCO, Ecological will be able to reach more agricultural leaders looking to use bio-friendly solutions in the future. TOMCO’s first product, Pit-Perfect, a component of their In-Gest-O-Bac series of products, has been a tool used by farmers with great success. As biogas and sustainable agriculture continue to expand globally, Ecological recognizes the additional demand for their microbial solutions.

Ecological’s agricultural waste management solutions under the MICROBE-LIFT brand are the most efficient way to improve agricultural waste management processes. With unparalleled abilities to break down waste and reduce toxic gases. MICROBE-LIFT technology reduces costs, increases operational efficiency, delivers return on investment and supports regulatory compliance.

“I am proud to announce the merger of TOMCO Chemical and Ecological Laboratories, Inc. By joining forces with Ecological, we have the ability to bring the best waste management solution to a level never seen before,” said Tom Elsner President and CEO of TOMCO Chemical.

Ecological Laboratories, Inc. continues to innovate with our proprietary solution-focused microbial formulations for the commercial wastewater, agricultural waste, aquaculture, composting, ecosystem restoration and biogas industries, as well as for retail water garden, lawn and garden, aquarium. , Pet, Hydroponics and Septic Markets.

SOURCE Ecological Laboratories, Inc.

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