From waterfront to riverfront, from riverfront to lakeside urban access – Everett is building (sponsored post)

A look at the various waterfront locations surrounding Everett. Click on the map to enlarge it.

When you look at a map of Everett, Washington, you can’t help but notice the different types of waterfronts and their importance to the city.

In fact, most of Everett is surrounded by water on three sides. From Possession Sound and Port Gardner Bay in the west, to the Snohomish River which surrounds the northern end of the city and runs east to historic Lowell.

In the southern part of town, Silver Lake is 104 freshwater acres with three parks. It offers opportunities for boating, swimming and fishing.

East of Everett, Lake Spada and Lake Chaplain provide the highest quality drinking water in North America, not only for the residents of the city of Everett, but also for more than 640,000 people, or about 75% of Snohomish County.

North and east of the Everett city limits, more than 400 acres mark Spencer Island in the Snohomish River estuary. It is an unspoilt habitat for over two hundred species of birds, including eagles, owls, hawks and waterfowl. It is also home to Blue Heron Slough, over 300 acres of saltwater estuary habitat and home to deer, cougars, ducks, frogs and soon to be salmon as a massive project nears completion restoring the old strawberry fields and land drained by dikes. 1880 to its natural habitat for salmon, rainbow trout and bull trout. Spencer Island also offers an abundance of walking, hiking and kayaking opportunities just ten minutes from downtown Everett.

The City of Everett, Port of Everett, and public and private partnerships balance the need for jobs, housing, recreation, conservation, and renewal around all of Everett, State’s many waterways from Washington.

Here are some examples.

Port of Everett South Terminal
In 2018, the Port of Everett began upgrading and upgrading the South Terminal. The project was completed in 2021 by strengthening the South Terminal wharf by 700 feet, acquiring and moving two massive container cranes from the Port of Los Angeles. The shore electrical system was also upgraded to support future shore power to allow ships to plug in and reduce emissions. Here is a YouTube video of the virtual grand opening held in January 2021.

Everett Naval Station
In June 2021, the Navy selected Everett Naval Station as the future home port for a dozen new Constellation-class frigates. They are expected to begin arriving in 2026 and will ensure Naval Station Everett’s continued importance to the U.S. Navy and provide continued investment as additional Sailors and their families are transferred to our region to staff and support the twelve new ships. Naval Station Everett is already considered the greenest naval base in the country and is known throughout the Navy as “Sailor’s Choice.”

Naval Station Everett has a bright future with a dozen new ships slated to arrive beginning in 2026.

Place at the water’s edge

A 1.5 million square foot mixed-use development located on 65 acres on the Everett waterfront. Here is a brief description of the Port of Everett.
Spectacular views, waterfront access, recreational facilities and a world-class marina with over 2,300 slips and over 5,000 linear feet of guest dock space. Development plans include 63,000 square feet of retail and restaurant space, 447,500 square feet of office space, two hotels, 20,000 square feet of marine retail and up to 660 waterfront homes. water, including apartments, condominiums and/or townhouses/lofts. To date, the project has facilitated over $150 million in public/private investments, with even more investments and equipment on the horizon. Recent port investments include more than $50 million in completed projects in the development’s Fisherman’s Harbor area. Click here to learn more about the five development districts that make up Waterfront Place.

Both apartment buildings are leased to Waterfront Place, and new retail and restaurant buildings are under construction.

Baywood Nature Trail

This week, the Port of Everett opened the new Baywood Nature Trail. After decades of cleanup efforts, the port and its partners have taken the site of a former sawmill and transformed it into a modern shopping complex surrounded by a public footpath that offers spectacular views of Jetty Island, the mouth of the Snohomish River and Port Gardner Bay. Osprey nests dot the pilings and the habitat is protected. The trail loops around the building and folds into the longer Mill Town Trail, a paved walk around the northern peninsula of Everett, also connecting to the Millwright Loop trail which runs the length of the Everett waterfront. ‘Everett.

The trail goes around the building and there is public parking and access.

Shoreline redevelopment

With the completion of townhouses to the north and single family homes to the south, work has now begun on the first two mixed-use buildings of the Riverfront development next to the Snohomish River east of Interstate 5 in Everett . It is the site of a former landfill that has undergone extensive remediation work and is monitored by the state Department of Ecology. These first two mixed-use buildings will accommodate 333 residences and approximately 31,000 square feet of commercial, retail, business and service uses. These buildings benefit from a multi-family tax credit. The plan is to include 10% of residences to households with an income at or below 80% of the median income and 10% to households with an income at or below 115% of the median income for the zone adjusted for the household size for Snohomish County. This is the first phase of the project which should be built in six phases. Occupancy of the first two buildings is scheduled for next year. A 3-acre urban park developed by the City of Everett called Eclipse Park (in honor of the old mill on the site) will also be available at the Riverfront development. It will include a public wharf/jetty at the Snohomish River for all to enjoy. enjoy.

The construction of the first phase is well advanced.


A site map of the Riverfront Commercial Development. From the Shelter Holdings presentation, click to enlarge.

Silver Lake Park Upgrades and Walking Trail

Thornton A. Sullivan Park at Silver Lake in south Everett celebrates its 100th anniversary. After recent approval from Everett City Council, work is expected to begin this fall on a paved trail that stretches all the way around Silver Lake. The purpose of the Silver Lake Trail Project is to improve recreational opportunities and trails around Silver Lake so that people of all abilities can enjoy it safely by creating an accessible and connected recreational route all around the lake. This project will provide a continuous hard-surfaced, multi-use trail around Silver Lake that will provide access to all members of the Everett community. Additionally, the Everett City Council recently approved spending over $1 million to build a new playground and upgrade playground equipment to current standards.

Construction of the trail is expected to begin this fall.

A new bridge is being designed to speed up access to the EPIC Green site along the Snohomish River.

There are many other projects in and around Everett’s waterways that will boost commerce, jobs, recreation, opportunity, and improve the quality of life in Everett, Washington.

Future plans include the cleanup and repurposing of several sites on Everett’s waterways, such as the former 24-acre North Door-Jeld Wen site just south of Baywood, the Smith Island Rail Terminal site, 55 acres at the south end of Smith Island and the 60 acre Everett Point Industrial Center (EPIC Green) along the Snohomish River.

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