Funding options help students pay for the course of their choice


Worried about the fees for the course of your choice? Check out the different financing options before choosing the one that works

While one always wants to choose the right career, the plethora of options and courses leaves one wondering which would be the best. Students face several challenges in choosing the right institute and path and even considering digital or home learning as an option. Until just ten years ago, education was delivered through traditional institutions. Today, with the impact of technology and the pandemic, the learning experience has been restructured.

While ideally a student’s learning experience should be holistic, finances play an important role in choosing the course. It is therefore wise to finance your studies gradually rather than investing a lump sum even if you have the money. Fee-based financing solutions are practical in terms of choosing an institute, the amount of the loan but also the number of installments to be repaid. Plus, these student loans are offered at zero percent in many cases or at a marginal interest rate depending on where one wants to study.

Also, when choosing the right institute and fee financing platform, it is important to consider the convenience of repayment, mortgage, and interest rates. You need to feel comfortable paying for EMIs and education insurance while getting the best learning experience at the best price.

Education must be universally accessible to all without distinction in any way. We can only look in our past and move forward in our future.

The writer is co-founder and chief business officer, Financepeer

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