Gold Coast woman Camille Borgas reunites with biological father after 50 years of searching

A Gold Coast woman who was adopted as a newborn has been reunited with her biological father after nearly half a century.

Camille Borgas, now 50, has spent most of her life looking for answers.

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“There’s no other way to put it that I feel complete. I know who I am now, I know where I’m from and it’s something I haven’t known in my whole life, ”she told 7NEWS.

As a teenager, Camille met her birth mother who had revealed that she had met her father somewhere in Melbourne.

“She had no idea who my father was in the 70s, so I had nothing to rely on,” she said.

“We always knew whoever he was, was going to have great hair.

“I really didn’t think there was any possibility that I would ever know that.”

A DNA test has confirmed that Barry is Camille’s father. Credit: 7NEWS

Until last year when a DNA test gave Camille hope.

“There were literally hundreds and hundreds of games. So I was texting them, emailing them, a lot of people didn’t respond and I can understand that, ”she said.

A cousin responded and after many hard months, Camille narrowed it down to two names – Barry King and his brother Des.

“Because of the dates, my age and so on, it must have been two brothers I was trying to locate,” she said.

She took to Facebook where a friend helped find Barry’s nephew, Anthony, who arranged for Camille to meet the family.

Barry King and Camille Borgas.
Barry King and Camille Borgas. Credit: 7NEWS

A clue from Camille’s mother about a place in Melbourne she had visited turned out to be the last piece of the puzzle.

It was then that she was sure she had met her father for the first time, three days before her 50th birthday. A DNA test later confirmed the ultimate gift.

“I felt sorry I didn’t know, and as I told Camille if I had known she was at the scene, there was no way I was gone,” Barry said.

Now the pair are making up for lost time.

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