Green ‘string of pearls’ connects parks and culture


A green “pearl chain” is being created in the Yangtze River Delta Ecology and Green Integration Demonstration Area, with a number of sports and recreation facilities being built along this to satisfy people’s demands for recreation, a press conference said on Friday.

The “Pearl Chain” along the Taipu River is created by Liantang Town in Qingpu District in cooperation with Zhujiajiao and Jinze Towns in Qingpu, and Wujiang District in Jiangsu Province and County of Qingpu. Jiashan in Zhejiang Province.

“Fitness tracks have been built along the Taipu River, and slow circulation systems, wetlands, riverfront parks, tourist piers and riverfront platforms will be set up along the river,” Gao Feng, deputy party secretary of Liantang City, said at a press conference. on the development of the city of Liantang.

“A ‘green corridor’ along the Taipu River, a riparian space with multiple ecological functions and an ecological river with a mixture of artistic design and landscape is the goal,” he said.

The “Pearl Chain” will string together several parks and forests in the demonstration area, such as Qingxi Country Park, Wujiang East Taihu Sports Park, Shengdi Ecological Park, Taihu Wetland Park, and Tongli Wetland National Park.

Ti Gong

Liantang, a typical water town in Jiangnan, is the hometown of Chen Yun (1905-95), one of the early leaders of the Chinese Communist Party. It has four ancient temples and 42 ancient bridges.

It will develop three zones with different themes to boost its cultural and tourism development, the Liantang city government has revealed.

The central area of ​​the city will offer cultural tours based on Chen Memorial and historical attractions, and the southern part, where there is a 10,000 mu agricultural field, will showcase rural landscapes and agricultural experiences.

In the northern area, tourists are invited to have leisure experiences such as sports and jiaobai (a local agricultural specialty) the plantation.

“’Red’ and educational tours, rural tours and cultural and leisure tours will be developed, and tourism, art and photography festivals will be held in the city to enrich people’s tourism experiences,” said Zhang Bing, Party Secretary of Liantang City.

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