HOT African, returns with the October weather

Weather with African heat October.

Diversity of opinions. This is what emerges from the usual modeling analysis. Some prediction models tend to favor an increase in Atlantic influences, while others point to a worrying decision regarding the return of high pressures.

It is not just any high pressure, nor the high Azores that guarantees good weather, but without thermal excess. We are talking, but look what a novelty, to fight against the African cyclone. Do you know why we used the term “anxiety”? Because the astonishing October trend push is the most reliable model ever: the European ECMWF.

The model, which has been growing in the heat for a few days now, means the hypothesis is far from far-fetched. At this point, let’s say it, it’s going to take a major turn. A real evolutionary revolution, among other things, in a few days. Yes, because the return of the “highs” appears in about a week, not before a rapid and turbulent passage which could cause some bad weather.

On this last point we will come back in detail with other insights, let’s say that it would be degrading to take it into account because it may be this annoying element capable of upsetting what seems to be a text already written.

To give you an idea: ECC thermal projections assume a positive anomaly of 8-10 ° C. Do you know what this means? That the maximum can be repeated at 30 ° C in different regions of Italy. This is nothing new considering the trend of recent years. The truth is, we can’t pretend nothing happened, and we can’t turn a blind eye and hope that another prediction model is correct: US government financial statistics.

The latter, in fact, gives much more weight to the Atlantic work. It provides us with strong exacerbations, capable of lowering temperatures and generating severe weather phenomena. Not only that, after it gets worse, there will be a huge reduction in ocean flow and therefore a big start to fall. Which one would be right? Hopefully the European is wrong for once, but at this point we have a lot of doubts.

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