How Fauci was able to finance the creation of the coronavirus



As Congress wrangled over the issue of then-President Donald Trump’s (first) impeachment, Senator Tom Cotton was concerned about what would become the story of the decade. The Arkansas senator was begging the White House to take a novel coronavirus circulating in China more seriously. He warned that despite the Chinese Communist Party’s account that it was emerging from a wet market, Wuhan was also home to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the only BSL-4 lab in China known to conduct experiments on novel coronaviruses. .

Cotton’s questions about the true origin of the virus were quashed at the time by the rest of the federal government and the media. But the circumstantial evidence was still there. The closest known genetic cousin to SARS-Cov-2 is RaTG13, a coronavirus with 96.1% nucleotide similarity. RaTG13 was discovered more than 1,000 miles from Wuhan and brought back to the WIV by Shi Zhengli, who was conducting gain-of-function experiments on coronaviruses with the explicit aim of making them more transmissible and dangerous.

Despite the State Department’s warning in 2018 that such experiments were risky, it now seems likely that the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, led by none other than Dr.Anthony Fauci, funded these experiments.

Fauci got pretty much everything wrong at the start of the pandemic, from masks to outward transmission. But his early support for the wet market theory doesn’t seem like a simple mistake. His almost omnipotent control over government funding for virology silenced successfully most of the virology industry.

Fauci categorically denies funding for WIV’s gain-of-function experiments with novel coronaviruses. The evidence tells a different story. In 2017, virologists successfully lobbied to overturn a moratorium on federal funding for research into the acquisition of functions, a dangerous scientific practice. vilified by other biologists. But between the imposition of this moratorium in 2014 and its repeal, 10 projects received exceptions. One of those winners was EcoHealth Alliance, a nonprofit pandemic prevention organization led by Peter Daszak. The description of the Daszak project, through its request for federal funding, reads, in part, as follows (emphasis mine).

This project will examine the risk of future emergence of the coronavirus (CoV) in wildlife using in-depth field investigations through the human-wildlife interface in China, the molecular characterization of new CoVs and genes in the field. of binding to host receptors, mathematical models of transmission and evolution, and in vitro and in vivo laboratory studies of the host range … This project aims to understand which factors increase the risk of emergence of the next CoV in humans by studying the diversity of CoV in a critical zoonotic reservoir (bats), at sites at high risk of emergence (wildlife markets) in an emerging disease hotspot (China). The three specific objectives of this project are: 1. To assess the potential for CoV overflow at high risk human-wildlife interfaces in China. This will include quantifying the nature and frequency of contact people have with bats and other wildlife; serological and molecular screening of people working in wet markets and highly exposed to wildlife; screening of bats captured in the wild and sampled in the market of more than 30 species for CoVs using molecular tests; and genomic characterization and isolation of novel CoVs. 2. Develop predictive models of the risk of emergence of CoV in bats and in the host range. A combined modeling approach will include phylogenetic analyzes of host receptors and novel CoV genes (including functional receptor binding domains); a merged ecological and evolutionary model to predict host range and viral sharing; and mathematical matrix models to examine the dynamics of evolution and transmission. 3. Test the predictions of inter-species transmission of CoV. Predictive models of host range (i.e., potential for emergence) will be tested experimentally using reverse genetics, pseudovirus and receptor binding assays, and viral infection experiments on a range of cell cultures from different species and humanized mice.

Although the EcoHealth Alliance is based in New York, Daszak has worked with Zhengli, channel NIAID funding to its coronavirus gain-of-function research.

Funding from the EcoHealth Alliance is a feature, not a bug, of Fauci’s career goals. After the AIDS epidemic, and then on September 11, Fauci’s anti-terrorist “biodefense” budget exploded to $ 1.7 billion in 2003. Washington post editorial judging the experiences of job gain as a “risk to be taken”, Fauci wrote: “By working carefully with the influenza viruses they developed in isolated biocontainment laboratories, scientists in Europe and the United States have identified several mechanisms by which the virus could evolve to be transmitted efficiently. in ferrets, the best animal model for human influenza infection. “

“The question is whether the benefits of such research outweigh the risks,” he continued. “The answer is not simple. A highly pathogenic avian influenza virus transmissible to humans could arise in ways not predicted by laboratory studies. And it is not clear whether this laboratory virus would behave. in humans as it does in ferrets. Nonetheless, new data is providing valuable information that can inform influenza preparedness and help define the principles of transmission of the virus between species. “

So it’s no surprise that Fauci and NIH director Francis Collins wrote a loophole in the moratorium that allowed them to continue funding Daszak’s work despite being fully aware of the risks. Unless the Bat-carried RaTG13 really managed to mutate naturally into SARS-Cov-2, travel over 1000 miles without infecting anyone along the way, and end up in a wet market that didn’t sell or bats -mice or pangolins, so … math.

Somehow, Fauci became a national hero, and the Chinese Communists came out without a scot. Daszak’s reward? Become the only American to participate in a fictitious World Health Organization “investigation” endorsed by China and aimed at ending an increasingly credible laboratory leak hypothesis.


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