Judge says New York Times may keep Project Veritas memos, for now

AG Sulzberger, publisher of The Times, said in a statement last week that Judge Wood’s order “had no apparent precedent,” adding: “This decision should alert not only press freedom advocates , but also anyone concerned about the dangers of government. go too far into what the public can and cannot know.

The Appeals Division reviews decisions of New York City Magistrates’ Court judges, but the state’s highest court, the New York State Court of Appeals, may ultimately hear arguments in the ‘case.

The order stems from a libel lawsuit that Project Veritas filed against the Times in 2020 that accused the newspaper of defamation.

Unrelated to the lawsuit, the Justice Department has begun investigating Project Veritas and its provocative leader, James O’Keefe, for its possible role in the theft of a diary belonging to President Biden’s daughter, Ashley.

In its coverage of the investigation, The Times cited notes prepared by a lawyer for Project Veritas that preceded the defamation lawsuit and outlined strategies to ensure that the group’s reporting tactics remain legal. (Project Veritas often engages in deceptive practices, including using false identities and hidden cameras to embarrass liberals, media, and others.)

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