Lilia Sedilo highlights the work carried out at the Faculty of Biological Sciences


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This year has been difficult due to the pandemic and the remoteness of classrooms and laboratories, but also characterized by convergence through teaching and virtual learning. This has allowed us to reach many people through this virtualization. The proof is all the events that I have led Faculty of Biological Sciences, Express President of the University Lilia Cedillo Ramirez Familiarize yourself with the teaching and research activities that take place in this academic unit, namely, a A reflection of his important teaching work.

after listening Salvador Galicia Ismandi’s fourth working report, director of this academic unit, protested for the period 2021-2025, the president of the BUAP recognized a wide range of fields which include Biological Sciences, From micro-study to macro. Among these are vital technologies, which allow us to tackle various problems and provide solutions. “Thanks to biotechnology, a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 can be developed in record time. “

Dr Lilia Cedillo Ramirez highlights her tenacity Bachelor in Biology and Biotechnology, also MSc in Biological Sciences, which is a relatively young university degree already in Conacyt’s National Quality Graduate Program.

This academic quality is widely recognized. “I witnessed how our students were able to graduate and enter the workforce, while those who decided to continue successfully were able to enter the various graduate programs across the country by Famous educational institutions“.

University President Lilia Cedillo Ramirez reiterated her commitment to meeting the infrastructure needs of this university community, “We will do our best to support them in the growth of their physical plant. “, He said.

Academic achievements

Salvador Galicia Esmandi He underlined the importance of resuming technological platforms to disseminate various academic activities, which during the period covered by his report amounted to more than Five thousand views, Like Biology Week and Alfonso El Herrera ChairWith the participation of international speakers such as Dr Caesar Lopez Camacho, University of Oxford, UK, and Dr Carla Rubio NavaFrom the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

Director Faculty of Biological Sciences He said that holding conferences, seminars and various academic meetings has helped to strengthen and update the knowledge of undergraduate and graduate study programs.

Regarding the achievements of the students, he mentioned the college’s participation in 2nd online competition for sustainable social entrepreneurship projectsOrganized by the Directorate of Environmental Management for the general coordination of sustainable development, in which students Biotechnology and biology They got the first places.

Status comment Alan jimenez gonzalezA BSC student who has been selected to participate in the virtual course Shared file Specialization programMore than 100 students from all over the world participate. Additionally, college graduates and students were able to publish in scientific journals ONE MOREAnd related to science and medicine.

On the other hand, Galicia Isasmendi announced that Faculty of Biological Sciences will welcome Twenty-second Mexican Botany Congress, scheduled for September 2022, in cooperation with University botanical garden.

Provide adequate infrastructure conditions educational for studentsHe said, the different spaces have been reconfigured, equipment has been purchased for laboratories and two transport units for field practices, in addition to the installation of HEPA filter ventilation systems, A system for retaining volatile particles in the air.

Likewise, it works in groups of animal species. Galicia Isasmendi He explained that the lichen group inhabited by the college was recorded this year in New York Botanical Garden. The Sustainability Network was formed, with this project a new university greenhouse was managed to collect specimens and pollination gardens were started.


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