Loddlenaut Dev talks about the benefits of Kickstarter and Wholesome Games Direct


In an interview with Game Rant, Loddlenaut dev Ricardo Escobar explains how Kickstarter and Wholesome Games drove people to the project.

Every year, more and more players are becoming aware of the various independent games in development. One of these indie games is Loddlenaut, an underwater adventure game partially inspired by other underwater games like Subnautic or ABZU. In Loddlenaut, players take on the role of an interstellar guardian tasked with cleaning up underwater debris around the alien ocean planet GUP-14. Along the way, players can befriend and raise cute sea creatures called loddles, which function as one of the Loddlenautmain gameplay elements of.

The two developers creating Loddlenaut are Ricardo Escobar, who deals with programming and tech art, and Jin-Young Sohn, who deals with art, 3D modeling, and level design. What started as their thesis project at NYU has evolved into the founding of independent studio Moon Lagoon and a successful crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter. Escobar spoke with Game Rant about the Moon Lagoon indie game and how Kickstarter and Wholesome Games were essential to Loddlenaut‘s development path.

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The advantage of a Kickstarter campaign for independent developers

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Anyone who’s been through the indie game development journey has likely stumbled upon the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. There have been many success stories that have come out of the site, such as the recent indie game Coral island earning over $ 1.6 million from Kickstarter. Escobar first saw the potential of Kickstarter when Anya Combs, the platform’s director of Games Outreach, visited the developer class. The panel she gave confirmed Escobar’s desire to support the development of its game with a Kickstarter campaign, in particular to help raise awareness.

“Kickstarter, in addition to fundraising, is a great way to build a community of dedicated people behind your game before it goes out. So we reached out to Anya Combs at Kickstarter, and we’ve been talking with her since the summer of it. last year .”

Any hope of a successful Kickstarter needs an equally successful marketing strategy. Fortunately, Loddlenaut was offered a spot in Wholesome Games’ recent Wholesome Direct, which featured a number of titles from the Fishing RPG Moon moon bay to independent match-3 game included Exchange of mind. This would lead to presenting the game of Moon Lagoon in front of thousands of people. However, Escobar says they had a choice to make about going live on Kickstarter.

“Wholesome Games then said it would be Saturday, at the start of E3. So we thought, let’s wait and launch the following Tuesday? But that’s the same day that Nintendo’s big conference, we don’t want to compete with Breath of the Wild 2. We took the risk of getting into what would normally be a bad day for Kickstarter, relying on everyone being right behind Wholesome Games … Looking at our stats, a huge chunk of our funding came straight away. from the Wholesome Games website. “

Breath of the Wild 2 dominated Twitter after Nintendo’s Direct, which would have made it difficult for Loddlenaut to stand out. In the end, launching at the same time as the Wholesome Direct allowed Loddlenaut reach over 50% of their initial crowdfunding goal in a single day. Escobar said Moon Lagoon is indebted to Wholesome Games for this opportunity, and it really shows how partnering with the right people can catapult a game’s popularity. Players who may have never heard of Loddlenaut, if not for its Kickstarter or its appearance on Wholesome Direct, can now follow its development path.

Those interested in Moon Lagoon’s next underwater pet can head straight to the Loddlenaut Kickstarter to support the game as it targets a new extended objective before the campaign ends. Interested fans have already helped Loddlenaut achieve its ambitious goals of adding algae culture and an aquatic kitchen mechanic. As of this writing, the next step is one more evolutionary form for the adorable loddles in the game.

Loddlenaut is in development for PC with a release slated for 2022.

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