Maryland Partners to Create Delmarva Woodland Stewards Program


Maryland Partners to Create Delmarva Woodland Stewards Program

Initiative funded to promote wildlife and fire protection, Timber markets

Seedlings growing at the John S. Ayton State Nursery. Photo by Stephen Badger, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

The US Department of Agriculture Forest Service has provided funding of $ 280,852 to the Maryland Forest Service working with the University of Maryland Extension and many public and private partners across the Delmarva Peninsula to establish a new training and awareness program, the Delmarva Woodland Stewards.

Funding from the Federal Landscape Restoration Grants Program will be used by the partnership to demonstrate, educate and provide outreach services that will improve forest and wildlife management practices, promote the ecological benefits of burning. led, pursue opportunities for tree planting for water quality and highlight the need for low-grade / biomass markets for forest health, restoration and sustainability.

Forest thinning provides materials for the biomass and pulp markets while improving forest health and wildlife habitat for species such as bobwhite quail, Delmarva’s fox squirrel and the woodcock.

“We are delighted to use this collaborative forest restoration funding to create pathways for better wildlife habitat, better water quality and local jobs for our landowners in Delmarva,” said the secretary of the department. from Maryland Natural Resources, Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio.

This grant creates the Delmarva Woodland Stewards program and provides direct training and outreach to landowners and volunteers who want to learn more about implementing forest and wildlife management practices.

The project crosses state borders to Delaware and Virginia, and coordinates expertise in wildlife, forestry and ecology to better educate landowners interested in managing wildlife in their forests.

Anyone interested in the Delmarva Woodland Stewards program should contact Matthew Hurd of the Maryland Forest Service at [email protected].

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