Nascent scope of environmental engineering

-By Mukesh Kwatra

Environmental engineering is the application of science and engineering principles to positively impact the environment and society at large. Climate change, greenhouse gas emissions and loss of biodiversity are just a few of the various environmental issues we face. The average increase in the earth’s temperature has been more than twice the actual rate, and according to reports, the world is set to run out of natural resources over the next 60 years. Environmental engineers study to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to meet the various environmental challenges in the context of economic factors, environmental compliance, national and international legislation.

The number of jobs for environmental engineers is expected to increase by 8.3% by 2026. There are expected to be approximately 4,000 openings on average each year for professionals in this field over the next few years, providing enthusiasts with the environment an excellent opportunity to work on finding solutions to current environmental problems.

Role of environmental engineering for sustainable development

Environmental engineering plays an important role in various ways to protect the environment and contribute to sustainable development. It contributes to the prevention of soil erosion, the conservation of forests, the reduction of air and water pollution levels, the development of smart agriculture, the conservation of energy and the use of renewable sources.

Blossoming Career Litters

The areas where environmental engineering is mainly applied are natural resource management, ecosystem and biodiversity conservation, pollution prevention and control.

He has a huge career scope in the following areas:


Compliance with environmental laws is mandatory for companies. Environmental engineers help achieve these goals in addition to working towards the adoption of clean and green technologies with effective waste management and reduced pollution levels.


Environmental consultants are employed by governments, industries and NGOs to conduct a variety of analyzes or field studies, often required in Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and other processes compliance.

Research and development

Opportunities in this area include studying and researching different types of pollution, their causes and effects, developing clean and efficient technologies for the future.


Environmental engineering courses are increasingly being offered by various academic institutions. A large number of teachers or academicians are needed to meet the growing demand.

Green marketing

Environmental quality certifications like ISO-14000 are also integrated into marketing strategies, creating career opportunities. The development of environmentally friendly products and their commercialization is another upcoming area.

Government Jobs

Job opportunities for environmental engineers are available in government agencies such as the ministry of environment, pollution control commissions, national parks and biosphere reserves.

International agencies

Eligible human resources in the field are needed to implement the environmental projects of various international organizations such as UNEP, IUCN, TSBF and the World Bank.

Additionally, some of the following positions are in high demand for environmental engineers:

Water project manager

Water is one of the most important natural resources for the survival of life on Earth. This is primarily why a water project manager position is important. This field opens up many opportunities in areas such as Wastewater Project Manager, Stormwater Management, Flood Risk Manager, Water Conservancy Manager, Water Harvesting Manager rain, etc. A background in civil engineering with preferably a master’s degree would help someone who wants to pursue a career in this field.

Environmental health and safety director

If you want to work as an environmental health and safety manager, you will be responsible for working behind the scenes to ensure that the company complies with framed rules and regulations for environmental protection and must also promote new solutions to improve and encourage sustainable design and practices.

A master’s degree is highly credible to become an environmental health and safety manager. The responsibilities of this position are to report sustainability initiatives to the public, create a sustainability program for the company, explain business risks, develop partnerships, ensure safety and environmental standards.

Green building engineer

Sustainable buildings that are beneficial to the environment and leave less carbon footprint are increasingly in demand. The scope in this field is growing and the main responsibility of a green building engineer is to reduce energy consumption and construct sustainable buildings that will benefit from maximum natural light, ventilation and insulation. .


Geologists play an important role in researching and developing solutions to problems related to environmental geology. The geologist position gives you opportunities such as working with glacial geology, stream geoscience, ground investigation, and other related fields. A college degree like a bachelor’s degree in earth science, geology, or another related field would help anyone who wants to pursue a career in this field.


As an ecologist, you’ll work to protect flora and fauna, study ecology to maintain ecological balance, help solve environmental problems like floods, acid rain and more. Also, an ecologist has tasks such as research work, conducting studies, creating models to visualize large-scale experimental studies. The required degree is a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and engineering, ecology, biology or other related fields.

The job prospects for environmental engineers are undoubtedly very bright in the future. In addition to academic qualifications, one must be responsible to the environment, focused and passionate, have skills in areas such as interdisciplinary teamwork, effective communication, networking and management of time resources, to be successful in one’s career in this sector.

The author is the founder of Smiling Tree.

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