New enzyme expands role of organic ingredients for laundry detergents


Novozymes launches the natural and biodegradable detergent ingredient Pristine® to tackle some of the biggest unresolved consumer challenges in the laundry category. This revolutionary enzyme tackles bad odors and discoloration at the source, setting a new threshold for detergent performance.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – September 15, 2021 – Every day, people all over the world wash their clothes in an attempt to eliminate odors. In addition to the stains we pick up on our clothes, there is also an invisible mixture of residual skin cells, sebum, dirt and sweat (called body grime) that builds up in layers on our fabrics, causing a bad odor and persistent discoloration – challenges that traditional detergents have yet to solve.

  • “For years, Novozymes has been at the forefront of exploring the benefits of laundry beyond stain removal and with the launch of Pristine® we are taking an important step to deliver these benefits through organic solutions. Perfect® is redefining what ‘clean’ fundamentally means, raising consumer expectations by addressing the root cause of bad odors and discoloration, ”said Anders Lund, executive vice president of Consumer Biosolutions, Novozymes and continued:

  • “This is the first solution of its kind for the large market, and we expect additional launches over the next few years to allow wider penetration into other segments. With virgin®, we are reaching a critical step towards the ambition to integrate biological detergents by expanding the contribution of enzymes to the detergents of today and tomorrow.

Virgin Novozymes® is a phosphodiesterase (PDE) enzyme. It breaks down invisible layers of body dirt and releases dirt and odors that might be trapped – and even prevent it from clinging to fabrics in the first place. This way, the clothes are hygienically clean and are less prone to yellowing, fading and the formation of that lingering odor. This is also good news for the planet, because the fabrics last longer and therefore will not be thrown away so quickly.

Sandra Friis-Jensen, Global Marketing Director for Home Care, adds that:

  • “Perfect® addresses the unmet, but very distinct, needs of the market by addressing the root cause of consumers’ problems with hygiene, bad odors and dull color in textiles. The need for hygienic cleaning is only accentuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is translating into significant consumer interest in solutions that can truly clean deep. “

Learn more about Pristine® law here.

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