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Dempsey: ‘Disenchanted’ is an escape from dark films

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Actor Patrick Dempsey knows the world can be a dark place, and many TV streaming options are also dark these days. He thinks he’ll get the antidote next week on Disney+.

The November 18 release of “Disillusioned” comes 15 years after the “Delighted.” The two stars Amy Adams play the cheerful and singing role of Giselle, who falls in love with a lawyer played by Dempsey.

He said that during his recent travels he had been disappointed with the heavy and dark entertainment options. “Do I really want to get into this dark movie right now? I just want to escape the realities of the world, not listen to the news, stay away from social media and watch something, he said.

Curiously, “Disillusioned” has a darker theme than the original as Giselle’s life is turned upside down. “But it’s done in a light-hearted way and hopefully in a way that can distract and entertain,” he said.

The Maine native is on a roll after dying his hair white to play race car driver Piero Taruffi in the “Ferrari” biopic by writer/director Michael Mann due out later next year. Adam Driver will play Enzo Ferrari.

Dempsey, an actual race car driver, said he did all the piloting himself. “It’s the best role I’ve ever had. It’s fantastic,” he added.

Dempsey spoke on Wednesday while in Maine to visit the Saco School of Ecology, which aims to change the way people think about nature through hands-on, experiential learning.

He visited a new catering center funded by bottled water brand Poland Spring and met some children. More people need to visit school for education “about how they can take some of that and incorporate it into their lives, so that we can be more in tune with our environment,” he said.

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