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A North Bay nurse practitioner wants teachers to know they haven’t been forgotten during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“The teachers have shown incredible resilience in the face of constant change, but the prolonged stress takes its toll, Shannon Clausen, organizer of Burnout Bootcamp Retreats.

Clausen said recent news reports indicate some school boards have seen requests for sick leave longer than three months double since 2019.

To combat this, she says, she is planning a retreat for teachers at the Canadian Ecology Center on April 2.

The bootcamp will include a full day of workshops “designed specifically to help educators learn about burnout and the stress cycle while providing activities to help them recover.”

Workshops will include yoga and a special session with Nicky Poulin of Ohana Wellness, forest bathing with Samantha, a certified forest therapy facilitator, mindfulness, hikes and campfires.

There will also be creative sessions including art with Brenda, narrative therapy with Shannon, and a special dance/movement session called TranscenDance with Benjamin Blackett from Rhode Island.

Lora McMeekin, an IPA who was one of the participants in Rippling Wellness’ first Burnout Bootcamp for healthcare workers in October 2021, said the retreat “was all I didn’t know was missing in my life at the most stressful time of my life.

“Connecting to nature was so liberating. It was the perfect mix of structure and free time.

Clausen says teachers “have not been forgotten.

“Teachers and healthcare workers were burning out long before this pandemic, so you can only imagine how much worse it is now.”

The retreat was planned for one day to provide flexibility of choice for local and out-of-town teachers.

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