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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – As we head into Labor Day weekend, more and more people are planning to travel in and out.

For those who are fully vaccinated and following state mask warrants, FOX 12 wanted to know what is the risk of catching or spreading COVID while going about our normal lives?

We asked Portland State Biology professor Ken Stedman, known as Virus Hunter, what he thought of a whole range of things people might do.

He said the highest risk activity was being inside a crowded bar with few people wearing masks.

The lowest risk is to reunite with your family outside.

And the intermediaries vary.

To travel? “A lot of it will depend on where you go, are you going somewhere with very high rates or very low rates,” Stedman said.

Outdoor concert? “I would always like to be a certain distance from relatively speaking people.”

Eat outside? “I don’t eat in indoor restaurants at the moment. I am waiting for the numbers to go much lower. Eat out, I will eat in restaurants outside.”

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And Stedman said that in places where everyone is vaccinated and tested for COVID, the risk is decreasing. For example, the rules in place in Autzen for anyone going to the Ducks open this weekend make it a safer ride.

He said the risk to those vaccinated is significantly lower now than it was before we were vaccinated.

He explains that with a vaccine that is 95% effective, you are twenty times less likely to be infected with COVID if you are exposed, but the higher the number of exposures, the higher the risk of infection.

“Reducing the number of chances that you can actually get infected, that is really what it is about,” Stedman said. “The problem is, there are so many people now who have the virus and are spreading it, our numbers are so high that you will have more and more opportunities to get infected.”

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