Solve Your Biggest Business Challenges with Workday’s Business Management Cloud

Unforeseen changes have brought unforeseen opportunities over the past few years, but positive changes depend on successful digital transformation at the heart of businesses in the Asia-Pacific region.

As the world transformed, many organizations struggled to adapt fast enough, and the limitations of legacy IT systems became painfully apparent in many areas, from finance and operations to customer experience and customer service. employee engagement, marketing communications and, most visibly, the supply chain. management.

But if there’s one thing for businesses to remember throughout the pandemic, it’s that future resilience and equipment for change are imperatives for success. The cloud has always offered businesses scalability and security, but it’s the ability to pivot quickly and continue to adapt that has put many cloud-focused businesses significantly ahead of their competition.

Part of the problem that many businesses face is legacy IT, especially older on-premises ERP (enterprise resource planning) software. In many cases, older systems place operational and financial data in different areas (called silos), making it very difficult for decision makers in any part of the business to get the full picture. Additionally, gathering information from different business functions was often time-consuming – gathering marketing data alongside sales analytics alongside real-time supply chain metrics, for example. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, business information that takes weeks or even months to compile is effectively obsolete. Real-time (or near real-time) information holds the key to success.

For businesses to succeed in their digital transformation, there needs to be a new class of business management solutions to help them bridge the acceleration gap. It’s the gap between the speed of change and the ability to keep up. It’s not just about bringing outdated ERP software to the cloud, it’s about using a cloud-native solution that works. with company rather than for this.

Today’s enterprise management platforms provide all the benefits of a cloud-based solution: scalability, a unified data core, millisecond-level insights, and a host of powerful digital features that can be tailored to the needs of a business. specific requirements. An agile cloud infrastructure means companies can adapt quickly to sudden changes in working conditions, as well as more specific market challenges, such as the emergence of a disruptive competitor.

With an architecture designed from the ground up to scale, companies can cost-effectively transform from the core of their business operations and always be at the forefront of today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. With people, finances, and operational information tightly linked, platforms like Workday provide the business with shorter plan-execute-analyze cycles for agile decision-making, faster production schedules, operations real-time transparency and digital acceleration gap reduction. .

In practical, day-to-day ways, businesses can now take advantage of technologies that only a few years ago were used only in academic research institutes. Today, cloud-powered machine learning algorithms automate key business processes across different IT systems, working with data from on-premises and cloud-connected stores. Machine learning is at the heart of automation and forms the basis for intelligent analytics-based predictions and modeling. Information gathered in this way can change the way a company approaches finance, talent management, and operations. Intelligent algorithms present live data in accessible, easy-to-understand formats or “stories, meaning organizations’ investments in their IT systems pay off across all business functions.


Workday’s unique system, for example, means companies can continue to recalibrate and adapt, incorporating an evolutionary approach to business processes. In short, as the landscape changes, so does the business approach and operations.

Workday empowers decision makers to think faster and make smarter decisions based on real-world empirical data from a highly resilient and secure, fully cloud-native platform. Whether companies need to reaffirm their employees’ commitment to the business or bring a new generation of customer experience to market, Workday is the platform on which companies can build and create. It offers a new class of business management cloud that gives its users the flexibility to scale their business, drive growth, and thrive despite disruption. Workday knows that applications must adapt to changing business needs today and into the uncertain future.

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