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Quarra Stone will construct three to five buildings, including a 48,000-square-foot manufacturing plant, in the Sun Prairie Business Park if the general development plan recommended for city approval on May 11 receives final approval from City Council. Sun Prairie.

The campus-style setting for Quarra Stone will be built on 24 acres located on the west side of the 1700 block of Columbus Street in land currently located in the City of Bristol.

In his report recommending approval by the Sun Prairie Plan Commission, Planning Director Tim Semmann said other campus buildings would house offices, indoor warehouses and ancillary facilities. Additional structures would include two to three “comfort rooms” or buildings where customers and visiting employees could stay while they monitor the progress of a given project.

An outdoor storage yard, approximately four acres in size, will be located in the northern part of the site and will store rough stone blocks and finished products. Due to the mass and weight of the materials, they cannot be easily stacked and will typically be 10 feet or less in height, according to Semmann.

If the GDP recommended by the Sun Prairie Planning Commission on May 11 is approved by the board, more steps are needed before development can take place. These include:

Annexation of goods to the city;

A certified survey map (MSC) / land decking to account for the final overall site design and appropriate right-of-way allocation

Expansion of District # 12 Tax Supplementary Funding (TIF) in Sun Prairie Business Park

Final approval of a development agreement for the installation of public improvements.

The final approval of this PIB will depend on the successful completion of the above items as conditions of approval.

Access to the facility is provided from three entrances on the west side of Columbus Street – the south entrance to access the employee and visitor parking lot, and the two north entrances to accommodate heavier truck traffic and the loading and unloading of raw and finished products. The complex would generally operate during regular business hours, but can include second and third shift work as required.

Quarra specializes in highly detailed, precision stonework tailored to the unique needs of artists and designers. The proposed headquarters building will be a state-of-the-art production facility featuring a world-class architectural design and incorporating a variety of high-tech equipment.

“The current thinking is to combine three buildings into one unified shape as shown in the plan. The main structure is located in the middle of the site, intentionally set back from the road to minimize visual impact. Its location also limits the work required on the site, minimizing the impact on the ecology and hydrology of the site, ”states the company’s letter of intent.

The letter of intent also states that Quarra and his design team intend to give the building a unique shape and material treatment. “While the design is still under development, our current thinking is to combine the multiple buildings into one form and integrate them into the existing mound running along the western edge of the site, integrating form and landscape,” reads. we in the letter.

Quarra Stone’s clients include artists, artisans and designers from around the world. Recent local projects that Quarra Stone has completed include stone work at the UW-Madison Chemistry Building, Wisconsin Discovery Institutes, UW-Eau Claire Fountain, Bascom Hall, Alumni Way, Memorial Union, and restoration work at the stone at the Wisconsin State Capitol Building.

The company currently has 46 full-time employees and plans to add more staff as market demands. If final project approval is received, Quarra plans to begin construction in mid-2021 and occupy the new headquarters building (transferred to the east side of Madison) by the end of 2022.

“I was very excited when they came to present and heard their feedback,” said Sun Prairie Planning Commissioner Analiese Eicher, who also represents part of Sun Prairie as chair of the supervisory board. of Dane County. Eicher said she was excited to see this project move forward as it is unique and exciting from a business development and architectural perspective.

The Quarry Stone plan found another fan who came out in favor ahead of the May 11 meeting.

“I would like to declare my support for GDP Quarra Stone,” wrote Andy Schoenherr. “Sun Prairie should enthusiastically support companies that want to create jobs in Sun Prairie, not only temporary construction jobs, but also skilled and well-paying jobs from innovative companies such as Quarra,” added Schoenherr. “In particular, the scope and ambition of this project, given the innovation and expertise of Quarra in their field of stonecutting, as well as the involvement of the renowned architectural firm world, Snohetta, makes this building particularly attractive. This is exactly the type of business and the type of building that Sun Prairie should be working to have located in the city. “

The commissioners voted 6-0, with three absent, to recommend final approval by city council.

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