The 2021 “Peace Elite” Content Industry Ecological Exchange Conference Successfully Held The First Open Finals Of Peace Elite International Anchor Which Ended With Success


On July 18, the 2021 “Peace Elite” Content Industry Green Exchange Meeting was inaugurated in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. E-sports elites from all sides gathered in the National Orchestra Hall of Tong’an Inn, Wuzhen, to share the latest product information for the “Peace Elite” game and discuss future ecological planning. Of the industry. At the same time, the first International Peace Elite Anchor International Finals (hereafter referred to as the PSI Finals) also landed in Wuzhen. 48 top broadcasters from the four major national live streaming platforms and elite players from five other countries played hard on the pitch. The competition, together, organized a wonderful competitive stage of strong confrontation.

2021 ‘Peace Elite’ Content Industry Green Exchange Meeting Successfully Held, Leading New Trend in Esports Industry

At the 2021 ‘Peace Elite’ content industry green exchange meeting on July 18, the Peace Elite project team shared their thoughts on building a green content operation and explained green content. of “Peace Elite” in three aspects: video, live broadcasting and e-sport. Various innovative attempts and explorations. As a growing gaming product, “Peace Elite” has achieved very rich practical results in the large-content ecological cooperation model. It has cultivated many popular anchors through joint training, content innovation and cooperation to break the circle, leading live streaming globally. The new wave of green operations.

At the same time, the project team presented the new Oasis Qiyuan project at the exchange meeting. Combining in-game content and focusing on self-taught gameplay + interactive video games, the Oasis Qiyuan project will further enrich the peace elite gameplay categories and strengthen the innovative content of the game.

At the end of the exchange meeting, the project team expressed their perspective on empowering the live streaming industry in “Peace Elite” e-sports and shared the physical and mental journey. of several game anchors on the electronic sports scene. . For example, “Anchor 770”, who suffers from frostbite but has not given up on his esports dream, “Anchor Wildcat”, the king of PEN standards who refreshed the miracle of the presenter team, and the emergence of superstar live broadcast presenters. “Don’t ask for help” and “Little Shepherd” they all tell everyone from personal experience that esports events can bring greater value to the live streaming industry. Thanks to a vast esports platform, every esports dreamer can get to the top of the esports industry, and at the same time, they can also bring higher business value.

PSI final is wide open and major anchor teams clash fiercely

The PSI finals adopted a two-round system. The main anchor teams clashed fiercely and put on a magnificent peak game. The superb marksmanship and the harmonious cooperation made the audience enjoyable. Among them, Kuaishou · Xiao Er won the singles championship this year with a total elimination of 6 and a total of 18 points. Although QFZ lost in the second round, with his huge advantage in the first round, he also successfully won this year’s double volleyball championship.

In the four-row battle that the public paid the most attention, the teams faced off, which was wonderful time and time again. Huya 077 from the “K1” team organized a magnificent three-game race and directly won the “SSS Invincible Ocean” team. The “Invincible” team quickly demonstrated the character of the championship. Although the leader was forced to play 2v4 by the “straight and straight” team, but with the teammates’ flexible positioning and precise shooting of the crispy fried dough sticks, he stubbornly toppled over. Eliminated the “good and good” team and became the final winner!

In the most intense body competition, the Vietnamese team relied on more exquisite and closer cooperation and took a huge advantage to enter the second round. The Thai team also followed closely to become the strongest contender for the championship. Although the Thai team dominated the Vietnamese team to have the last laugh, but because the total number of eliminations lags behind the Vietnamese team, the Vietnamese team ultimately defeated their opponents with higher points and won the legionary championship.

Electronic Sports Reinforce New Ecology of Live Streaming, Creating Higher Value in Industry

Today, the esports industry has become the center of public attention across the country, and people in the esports industry are launching innovative explorations of its green operations. Successful convening of ‘Peace Elite’ Content Industry Green Exchange Meeting and Open Anchor International Final Marks Another Beginning in Exploring a New Model of EcSports Green Operation “Peace Elite”, and also means that eSports are empowered by live streaming. The industry has a whole new way, which provides a solid energy source to strengthen the core competitiveness of eSports live broadcasting.

At the same time, the expansion of the e-sports live streaming scene has become an industry trend and has formed a two-way enabling relationship with e-sports. As part of such a relationship, the ecological model of “Peace Elite” has formed a stable circle of operations of the esports industry due to comprehensive copyright and derivative content events, brand new live streaming technology and strong talent pool and delivery capabilities, bringing the esports industry to life. With higher commercial value, it has become a new ecology which includes mass communication and technological modernization, and has positive public power.

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