The Good Samaritans save family of four from burning yacht


Image courtesy North Wales Fire and Rescue

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The maritime executive

On Saturday, a family of four narrowly escaped a yacht that caught fire in Conwy harbor, Wales.

As the yacht left Conwy and set off, smoke began to come out of the engine room hatch. The crew attempted to extinguish the fire with extinguishers, but the effort was unsuccessful and the fire continued to grow. They called for help, and the four people – two adults and two children – were helped off the ship by the crews of two nearby yachts, identified by HM Coastguard as the Osprey and the Freedom.

“It was very fast and extremely courageous to [the good samaritans] – the ship was on fire when they phoned us, “a spokesperson for HM Coastguard told the Daily Mirror.” They were all very lucky and I have to say my gratitude to these two yachts who saved them so quickly. “

The yacht, abandoned and burning vigorously, drifted upstream with the prevailing wind and tide. Since there was a full cooking gas cylinder on board, which would likely explode at some point during the fire, HM Coastguard opted to let the boat drift without attempting to come close. The Conwy RNLI lifeboat remained behind to watch the vessel.

Courtesy of Conwy RNLI

The burning boat gradually drifted to a floating dock in a Conwy Quay marina, where it came up against a smaller vessel. The fire spread to the second boat and local authorities closed the area to the public as a precaution. The boat’s gas cylinder went off as expected, but no one was nearby so no one was injured, HM Coastguard reported.

With the help of the harbor master, the local fire department deployed hoses to the quay and successfully extinguished the blaze. Responders attempted to move the burnt hulk to shore for recovery, but its hull was severely damaged and sank during towing. The second vessel remained afloat and was moved closer to shore.

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