The government prepares an ecological database for the talukas of Gujarat | Ahmedabad News


AHMEDABAD: In an ambitious approach, the Ecological Commission of Gujarat (GEC) will prepare one of the largest ecological and environmental databases at the taluka level and even at the village level.
Initially, 10 talukas were selected for the exercise which will be extended to other environmentally sensitive areas of the state. Ecological profiling is an exercise that documents rare and endemic species in a region.
“Eco-profiling will study the distribution and condition of forests and map vegetation gradients. It will also help us identify hot spots for plant, animal and even insect diversity, ”said a senior GEC official who is coordinating the activity with various district collectors.
Currently, the GEC has invited interested organizations to express their interest. The project was first mentioned in 2008, mainly to prepare a comprehensive ecological profile of 49 talukas bordering the Gulf of Khambhat, the Gulf of Kutch, the southern coast of Gujarat and the coastal areas of Saurashtra.
“The main objective of the mission is to prepare a management decision support document that will help the State to plan development activities, in particular at the block level, with an overview of the ecological conditions of the area, “said the GEC official. A copy of the taluka level eco-profiling project is with TOI.
In addition to the ecological study, even communities living near biogeographic zones will be profiled. “Based on the demographics of the region, the profile of 25 occupations, income ranges, population growth index, livestock, pressure on resources, conflicts over resource sharing will be covered by the study. “, adds the head of the GEC.

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