The Lombardy region seeks greater autonomy in the ecological transition


The meeting between the regions of the world is underway at Palazzo Lombardia “Dialogue for climate action – Subnational governments call for raising ambitions towards Cop26 ″, Among others, the President of the Region of Lombardy, Attilio Fontana, the Regional Councilor for Environment and Climate Raffaele Cattaneo, the Under Secretary for Energy and Environment of the Scottish Government, Michael Matheson, and the top British government representative for Cop 26 were present. , Nigel Topping. During the event, the climatic commitments of the regions were delimited.

President: Participate in the decision-making process

“The role of the region – explains the governor of Lombardy – is precious. In fact, I firmly believe that all levels of government, from those closest to the citizens, should participate in the formulation of effective initiatives and policies in the area of ​​climate and equitable and circular development. regions should be able to influence this process decision making Often withdrawn at the highest government level. Bottom-up policies are, in my experience, the most effective because they are the expression of the most immediate needs of citizens and businesses.

Environment and climate advisor Raffaele Cattaneo emphasizes how “on the front line of the fight against climate change” The regions call on national governments to act together and play a leading role in environmental policies, not only, but also ”at the negotiating table.

inclusive logic

“The issue must be tackled at the“ glokal ”level – explained Councilor Cattaneo – with global agreements between States, as in Glasgow through the COP26, but also with local actions. According to the United Nations, these are local actions – he reiterated – which represent 70 to 80% of the interventions to contribute to the solution of the problem. This is why I look forward to moving the Glasgow talks forward in an inclusive way. because of thisIn Lombardy, with Scotland, he wanted to organize this meeting with the regions of the world today. Make your voice heard and be a hero in the fight against climate change.

Our region – continued the regional adviser – is doing concrete work with the actions of the government, many of which we are at the forefront, which have enabled us to plan policies to achieve the objectives of ecological transition and environmental sustainability: from the approval of the Regional Sustainable Development Strategy, to the Regional Environment and Climate Plan , Observatory on ‘Towards the circular economy and energy transition, regional environmental energy planning, waste planning’.

Hero Talking Zone

In collaboration with Scotland and in collaboration with the Coalition for Sustainable Development and the Under-2s of Region 4, the Region of Lombardy will work to ensure that the region can also play a central role in the negotiations. from Glasgow.


The start of actions therefore constitutes a valuable opportunity for exchanges and to advance the ambitious decarbonization objectives that the territories have set themselves to contribute to the achievement of the global objectives of reducing emissions linked to climate change. .

In detail, the regions reiterated the following proposals:

Ensure global net zero by 2050 and limit temperature rise to 1.5 ° C. This means gradually phasing out coal, reducing deforestation, accelerating the switch to electric vehicles, encouraging investments in renewable energies;

– Adaptation to protect communities and natural habitats, i.e. protect and restore ecosystems, use protection systems, warning and resilient infrastructure and agriculture to avoid the loss of homes, means subsistence and even human lives to build.

– raise funds

Collaborate for the Paris Rulebook (Regulation on Climate Agreements) to accelerate action to fight the climate crisis through collaboration between governments, businesses and civil society.

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