The mining pole fights against ecological problems: The Tribune India

Ravi Dhaliwal

Bhoa has gained notoriety for being the epicenter of legal and illegal mining. For decades, foreigners have thoroughly exploited the Ravi and Ujh rivers. This means that the ecological balance of the area has become imbalanced to the point of reaching a point of no return.

Past trend

Prior to delineation in 2012, the segment was known as Narot Mehra. Seema Kumar of BJP was the very first MP from the renamed Bhoa constituency. Since 1985, Congress and the BJP have alternately won the seat.

Electoral force

Total number of electors – 1,70,908

Male – 89,942

Woman – 80,965

Third kind – 1

The main demands of the premises

  • 50 bed hospital
  • Brakes against illegal mining
  • Re-carpet of roads
  • Joint Government College

Taste the village of Maira Kalan on the banks of the Ravi. Rampant mining has caused the region’s water table to drop to levels so low that villagers have to travel to the nearby village of Kirri Khurd for daily drinking water supplies.

Enter seated Congress MLA Joginder Pal. He is loved by young people because he often faces the powerful bureaucracy. His verbal skirmishes with officers are told by local youth.

There are only two community health centers in Bhoa. Residents say a 50-bed hospital is the need of the hour. “Since Joginder Pal was elected MP, no school has been modernized,” says Seema Kumari. “We need a sugar mill, but the legislator is not paying attention to us,” says Lachman Singh, a sugarcane farmer.

Residents say that until illegal mining is stopped and sanity is restored, they will have to live in appalling conditions.

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