The Volta region, an incredible quintessence of a tourist enclave


Mark Okraku Mantey, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture

Mark Okraku Mantey, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, described the Volta region as the incredible embodiment of a tourist enclave.

He said the area is home to the largest community ecotourism sites and provides outdoor enthusiasts with a superb sightseeing experience.

Mr Mantey speaking at the 2021 United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Tourism Day celebration in Wli, said the heights of Afadjato and Dzibobo were ideal reserves for trekking and bird watching.

He said the spectacular Wli and Tagbo waterfalls were among several to be found in the area.

He said the celebration of World Tourism Day heralds the socio-economic, political and cultural importance of tourism for national and global development.

Mr Mantey said tourism for inclusive growth means creating decent jobs through inclusive economic growth, a skilled and dynamic workforce to support an inclusive growth path.

“It also means unleashing the potential of the tourism ecosystem, value chain and investment facilitation for more inclusive and sustainable growth in traditional and marginalized communities with enormous tourism and other resources.”

The deputy minister said expanding access to tourism education and providing sector-specific training would give everyone the chance to benefit from future tourism growth.

The theme of the celebration was: “Tourism for Inclusive Growth”.

Dr Archibald Yao Letsa, Volta Regional Minister, noted that choosing the region as the host for the celebration was a well-considered decision.

He said the region is a microcosm of the nation as it visibly contains everything other regions have to offer in terms of ecology and weather.

Dr Letsa said the region is blessed with many sights, including ancient European forts, forests rich in biodiversity, prestigious beaches, a number of waterfalls and unique monkey sanctuaries.

He said that the sites together constitute a very rich attraction for the development and promotion of tourism.

“It is therefore important to note that the Volta region is Ghana’s tourism hub.”

The regional minister said that the development of the country and the region could be accelerated if both tourism and agriculture receive the necessary attention.

“Tourism indeed continues to make a substantial contribution to Ghana’s gross domestic product, creating jobs and jobs for many.”

The regional minister said it was regrettable, however, that tourism development in the region had been relatively slow and had to change through collaborative efforts among stakeholders.

Dr Letsa used the platform to invite everyone to the Volta Regional Co-ordinating Council’s “Volta Trade and Investment Fair”, scheduled from Monday November 15 to Sunday November 28, 2021, which focused on on agro-industry, tourism and information and communication technologies. .

John-Peter Amewu, Minister of Railway Development and Member of Parliament for Hohoe Constituency, said the celebration was part of an agenda aimed at the socio-economic and political significance, the cultural significance of the tourism sector for national and international economies.

He said that tourism plays a vital role in the GDP of each country and for a country to develop from point to point, special attention should be given to tourism.

Mr. Amewu said that much attention has been paid to tourist sites in the municipality under the Ministry of Tourism.

He expressed his gratitude to the GTA for the donations made in improving the tourist facilities in the area while calling for protecting and advancing the resources for the benefit of tourism, as there were many more sites unearthed in the municipality. .

“Over the years, the tourist sites of Hohoe have attracted many visitors from all over the world, which has had positive economic effects on the growth and development of communities.

He called on everyone to support the government’s tree planting exercise to deal with climate change issues, keep their environment clean to help tourism develop.

Ekow Sampson, Deputy Managing Director, Head of Operations, Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA), on behalf of Akwasi Agyeman GTA CEO, said the Authority is committed to
development of responsible tourism.

“We pledge our continued support for the initiative of the Volta Regional Minister and his hard-working team to promote tourism in the region.”

He said there was a need to support the government’s efforts to immunize 20 million targeted people by the end of the year.

“Some of the measures described will greatly contribute to the recovery of the tourism industry for inclusive growth.”

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