Tucker Carlson calls out Republicans over student debt: ‘It is seriously damaging the country’


Tucker Carlson called on Republican lawmakers to do something student loan debt Friday, saying the burden is impacting families and preventing the formation of new families.

“The student loan bubble has grown to over $ 1.6 trillion, and it’s not just an economic burden on young people, those who have to pay back loans,” Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson tonight“Friday.” These loans shape the basic life decisions they make and change our society. “


Thirty-three percent of people aged 18 to 34 said they could get married until their student loan debt is paid off, according to a LendKey Technologies study.

“The survey didn’t ask young adults to have children, but you know exactly what it would have found for young people, Carlson said. “Debt means delayed or destroyed dreams. It means families are not formed.”

The host blamed Congress for the problem.

“It’s an economic problem caused by people. Congress injects tens of billions of dollars every year into student loans,” Carlson said. “These loans, at the end of the day, don’t help students. They make wealthy colleges and their overpaid administrators who hate you richer and then increase tuition fees by six percent every year.”

“This is seriously damaging the country and we do not have to tolerate it,” added Carlson.

Carlson called on Congress to change the laws.

“We can change the law in all kinds of ways. We can make colleges accountable for loans that are in default like any other loan recipient they might co-sign,” Carlson said. “We could limit student loans to schools that let tuition fees rise too quickly. If you rip off kids, we’re not going to give you a federally guaranteed loan.

Carlson criticized the Conservatives for dodging the problem.


“So far we haven’t done any of that. And one of the main reasons is that the Republican Party hasn’t tried to do anything. And that’s one of the main reasons. for which the Democratic Party, which is mad and is getting crazier and crazier, still has a chance to win [in 2020]”Carlson said.” They’re not doing anything about student loans, but they’re talking about it. The Conservatives should also talk about it. They prevent families from forming. We should care about it. “

Jeanette Settembre of Fox Business contributed to this report.

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