Unilever Partners with Arzeda to Harness the Power of Computer-Engineered Enzymes


– The multi-year partnership aims to discover new enzymes that will help transform the durability and performance of cleaning and laundry products

– Arzeda and Unilever to Computer-Design New Enzymes with Superior Benefits to Help Clean Up the Cleaning Industry

LONDON and SEATTLE, July 13, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Unilever and Arzeda, the industry-leading protein design company, have entered into a strategic partnership to apply the latest advances in digital biology to the discovery and design of new enzymes. The partnership will impact many of the world’s leading cleaning and laundry products, including Unilever’s OMO (Persil), Sunlight and Surf.

Enzymes are fundamental to the natural, living world around us, responsible for almost all of the biological functions that take place on earth, from the way plants and trees absorb CO2, to the way we convert food into energy. in our body. Enzymes have also long been a key ingredient in cleaning and laundry products, removing grease, oil and protein chain stains from our laundry and surfaces. To date, science has only scratched the surface of the benefits they could bring in our daily lives. Unlocking their power could offer almost endless possibilities.

As part of this partnership, over the next three years, the global consumer goods company will apply Arzeda’s cutting-edge digital biology techniques to its own product innovations across its cleaning product portfolio and laundry. Arzeda learns from the large number of enzymes already found in nature and uses smart technologies – a combination of physics-based computational protein design and deep learning, a form of AI – to optimize their functionality. In addition to exploring the enzymes found naturally in the world, Arzeda is also able to design various new versions with unique benefits that would not have been possible otherwise.

Originally derived from nature, Arzeda optimizes enzymes to replace high-impact ingredients commonly found in most cleaning and laundry products. As part of its Clean Future strategy, Unilever is committed to eliminating virgin fossil fuels as a raw material for chemicals in its cleaning and laundry formulations. Enzymes, which are low-carbon, naturally occurring and provide additional performance benefits, will be essential in helping Unilever achieve its ambition for a clean future. The discovery and optimization of new enzymes in formulations could result in up to 50% fewer ingredients required, while providing superior cleaning benefits to the consumer.

In addition to offering new benefits to the cleaning and laundry industry, this partnership will encourage knowledge sharing on hitherto unknown uses of enzymes that could solve broader consumer, industrial and environmental issues across multiple sectors. . Arzeda is currently working with a number of global players to produce forward-looking solutions to major societal and everyday problems, from the production of renewable chemicals to self-repairing phone screens.

Peter ter Kulve, President of Unilever Home Care, said: “This partnership is an exciting step as we work to transform our cleaning and laundry business to be superior, sustainable and affordable for all. We look forward to working with Arzeda to develop a new generation. high-performance cleaning and laundry products with a much lower environmental impact than current products. “

Alexandre zanghellini, CEO and Founder of Arzeda said: “We are delighted to be working with Unilever to support their ambition for a clean future with enzymes that improve the environmental footprint of consumer products. Arzeda’s mission is to design and manufacture new proteins that improve health and sustainability, and we see this partnership as a key step in making this a reality in home care. By working with Unilever, we hope to create a new era for industrial enzymes that will contribute to a more sustainable world while improving the consumer experience.

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About Unilever:

Unilever is a leading global supplier of beauty and personal care, home care, and food and refreshment products, with sales in more than 190 countries and products used by 2.5 billion people each. day. We have 149,000 employees and generated sales of 50.7 billion euros in 2020. More than half of our presence is in developing and emerging markets. We have around 400 brands found in homes around the world, including iconic global brands like Dove, Lifebuoy, Knorr, Magnum, OMO and Surf; and other brands such as Love Beauty & Planet, Hourglass, Seventh Generation and The Vegetarian Butcher.

Our vision is to be the global leader in sustainable businesses and to demonstrate how our forward-looking and forward-looking business model drives superior performance. We have a long tradition of progressive and responsible business. It goes back to the time of our founder Guillaume Levier, which launched the world’s first brand, Sunlight Soap, over 100 years ago, and it’s at the heart of how we run our business today.

The Unilever Compass, our sustainable business strategy, is designed to help us deliver superior performance and drive sustainable and responsible growth, while:

  • improve the health of the planet;

  • improve the health, confidence and well-being of people; and

  • contribute to a fairer and more socially inclusive world.

While there is still a long way to go, we are proud to have been recognized in 2020 as an industry leader in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and – for the tenth year in a row – as the top-ranked company in the survey. 2020 GlobeScan / SustainAbility Sustainability Leaders.

For more information about Unilever and our brands, please visit www.unilever.com.

About Arzeda:

Arzeda harnesses the power of computer protein design to create and manufacture proteins that improve our lives and protect our planet. In partnership with Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders, we develop healthy and sustainable products for the food and nutrition, advanced materials, diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries around the world. Arzeda’s proprietary protein design platform combines physics-based computational protein design, machine learning, and laboratory automation to extend the reach of biotechnology beyond solutions developed by nature. For more information, please visit www.arzeda.com.



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