Vatican launches seven-year Laudato si ‘platform for action


Cardinal Peter Turkson

Cardinal Peter Turkson, Prefect of the Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development, presented the Laudato si ‘platform of action, “a seven-year journey towards integral ecology”.

Six years after the publication of Laudato si ‘, “the cry of the Earth and of the poor becomes more and more heart-rending,” says Cardinal Peter Turkson. “The message from our scientists and our young people is increasingly alarming: we are destroying our future.”

With this terrible warning, the Prefect of the Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Development (DPIHD) paved the way for a bold new initiative by the Vatican: The Laudato Si ‘Platform for Action (LSAP), “a seven-year journey towards a ecology.”

Cardinal Turkson presented the “action-oriented” project at a press conference on Tuesday morning for the conclusion of the Laudato Si ‘Year. The Platform for Action is seen against the backdrop of the many initiatives that marked the Year, including the recently concluded Laudato Si ‘Week, the Season of Creation last fall and the Francis Economy event in February.

“The worldwide reception of the proposal and the celebration of a special year of Laudato sí has ​​been fabulous and generous,” said Cardinal Turkson. “Local churches, associations, movements and many others have responded with great enthusiasm to Pope Francis’ call to take care of our common home.”

However, “more than ever, it is time to act, to do something concrete,” he said.

At the press conference, DPIHD’s Father Josh Kureethadam explained the “what and how” of the Platform for Action.

The LSAP “is a journey to realize the integral ecological vision of Laudato si ‘”, said Father Kureethadam, “a journey towards total sustainability in the spirit of integral ecology”.

The Dicastery, he explained, offers seven Laudato si ‘goals: responding to the cry of the earth, responding to the cry of the poor, ecological economics, adopting simple lifestyles, ecological education. , ecological spirituality and community participation and Participatory Action.

The LSAP journey will take place over seven years, the first year being devoted to “the three fundamental tasks of community building, sharing of resources and drawing up concrete action plans” for the achievement of these objectives.

The seventh year will be a “sabbatical year to praise and thank God”.

These goals, he said, can only be achieved “through partnership, following the” synodal “path that Pope Francis offers to the whole Church”.

The working groups created to implement the various objectives will bring together partners from all over the world to “respond to the constant invitation of the Pope” to prepare together for the future “, in the context of the current pandemic”.

Father Kureethadam said that LSAP’s “prayer and dream” is to “initiate” a grassroots movement from below “which can really bring about the radical change needed given the urgency of the crisis in our common home”.


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