Volunteers Help Keep Hendry’s Beach Clean With “Explore Ecology” Beach Cleanup

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — Santa Barbara just got cleaner thanks to the Explore Ecology beach cleanup.

Volunteers picked up as much trash as they could find strewn across Arroyo Burro beach.

“People can see that others care about them and it makes them more caring, says Arushi Lakhan-Pal, an intern at the Watershed Resource Center.

“It’s also fun because you’re hanging out on the beach and helping the environment. At the same time, you get a lot of people who really love animals, and that’s their biggest driver for that,” says Lu. Kernstine, “Explore Ecology” environmental educator.

Volunteers like Leonardo de Jesus, who came from Goleta, made sure to do their part to help the ecosystem saying that plastic waste will eventually harm us as consumers.

Environmental expert Lu Kernstine explained that animals start eating a lot of trash because they end up looking and smelling like their food sources. The result is deadly.

Lu Kernstine explained, “We found some dead animals today, like they were washed up on the shore because of this, and then they also got entangled in some rubbish. They get stuck there. So it’s a very big problem. “

Although the focus of today’s event is to pick up litter, trainee Arushi explained how everyone can do their part to create as little litter as possible to begin with. She said it was important to know what consumers are buying and urged people to only buy the things they need.

Lu Kernstine debunked the myth that one person’s contribution is not enough to create lasting change. She pointed out that these cleanups can create changes in environmental policy.

“A lot of people think that if I’m just one person, my trash doesn’t matter if it’s on the floor or if you see it, you just tell yourself I’m going to leave it alone. Like, I I don’t need to pick it up. I’m a person, but if everyone thinks that way, then we don’t pick up litter at all and our environment is going to be disgusting,” says Lu Kernstine.

The beach cleanup program will continue to welcome volunteers on the second Sunday of each month.

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