What everyone on Friends has done for a living and courses you can study for


It’s been 25 years since Friends graced our TVs with their 90s humor and iconic linings. From dialogue to slow-burning romances, it was all essential to making it a comedy for the ages. It was the Six Friends, however, that made the sitcom iconic.

While the characters spend most of their time lounging in a cafe – on the couch they claim to be theirs – they have all held a number of jobs throughout the series. When the gang isn’t hanging out in the fun Central Perk cafe, they’re working – some of them happier than others. Here’s what all the friends did for a living and the courses you can study for:

Rachel Green: Fashion Director

After three seasons of serving coffee as a waitress at Central Perk, Rachel landed a job as a buyer and personal shopper at Bloomingdale’s. Soon she landed the job of her dreams as an executive at Ralph Lauren.

If you aspire to be in fashion like Rachel, you may want to consider a fashion design degree; Textiles; Communication and promotion; Styling; Photography; Journalism; Marketing; Purchase; Merchandising and management. Whether you’re designing dresses or editing a magazine for the latest trends for next season, a career in fashion can be exciting and glamorous work.

Central Perk was where the six Friends characters spent most of their time together. Source: Dimitrios Kambouris / AFP

Monica Geller: Chef

Monica Geller loves food, a passion that she channels into her profession as a chef. She ended up becoming a food critic, then a chef in two upscale restaurants, Alessandro’s and Javu. If you dream of becoming a chef like Monica, then culinary school is for you.

Topics you can learn include food and beverage services; Essential cooking techniques; Kitchen operations and management; Food hygiene and sanitation; Pastry and Bakery; Income and profit management; and Design and creation of menus.

Phoebe Buffay: Masseuse / Musician

Phoebe earns most of her money as a masseuse, while also following her true passion as a singer and songwriter. For those aspiring to become a masseur or even planning to open their own massage parlor, a massage therapy course can come in handy.

Alternatively – or at the same time, as Buffay did – delve into the world of music with songwriting lessons; Music and sound production; Music Marketing; Media and communication; Event management; Music trade; Modern commercial music – Guitar, bass, drums; and voice and so on.

Joey Tribbiani: Actor

If you watch the series, you will certainly remember Joey’s on-screen character Dr. Drake Ramoray (and his twin brother) from Days Of Our Lives. And when he wasn’t playing, he would do everything from a cologne sampler to a Christmas elf to make ends meet. If there’s something other than money and success that drives you – like the beauty of art and the thrill of performance – an acting degree does the trick.

Attending theater school and earning a theater degree is a way for a talented actor to hone their skills and gain credibility in the theater industry. It is possible for someone to become a successful and prominent actor without a degree in acting, theater, theater or film studies. However, many actors say their formal training has made them more confident and proficient in their profession.

Chandler Bing: Computer Purchasing / Copywriter

While Ross, Rachel, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe may not have known what Chandler does for a living, we certainly do. He worked as IT purchasing manager – IT purchasing and IT services – then as IT purchasing vice president. Since he didn’t feel fulfilled doing this, he took a leap of faith and became an intern at an advertising agency. This then led to him being promoted to junior copywriter.

A career in purchasing in the tech industry may not have flourished Chandler, but it could be some college student’s dream job. Courses that might get you there include purchasing and supply chain, purchasing management, or IT procurement. If you have a sharp wit and sarcastic jokes like Chandler, you might want to consider a career in advertising or writing. Courses you can enroll in include writing, writing, marketing, advertising, mass communication, and media.

Ross Geller: Paleontologist

While paleontology might seem boring to some, it certainly wasn’t for Ross or anyone who loves dinosaurs and fossils. Aspiring paleontologists should have a thorough knowledge of biology and geology. A double major with full training in both is the best educational option.

Chemistry, physics, calculus, statistics and computer science are also very important. Undergraduate geology courses typically include mineralogy, stratigraphy, sedimentary petrology, vertebrate and invertebrate paleontology, ecology, evolutionary biology, and genetics.

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