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Like most industries, the smartphone has turned the fashion world upside down, and editorial shoots that were once seen exclusively on the pages of a glossy magazine are now also seen on our personalized screens.

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Whether we are browsing social media or following a fashion influencer YouTube channel, we consume fashion media in a whole different way. We’ve gone from the big screen to the small and today’s fashion journalist needs to know how to showcase styles from the past season through an Instagram story.

Says Nande Sulelo, head of the media department of the Stadio School of Fashion which offers the very latest training in ‘fashion media’ thanks to her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Fashion with a specialization in Media from the fashion.

“Today’s fashion journalist is no longer confined to working for a magazine or a brand, he has a wide range of options, thanks to the explosion of digital media. It could mean representing a brand’s brand online by becoming their social media manager, or even creating their own fashion platform, thus becoming themselves an influencer curating their own stories, ”says Sulelo. “So even though our media has changed, the fashion world remains as relevant today as it was at the height of the magazine age and remains a very exciting career choice. “

Be aware of current trends

You could say that fashion is the purest sense of relevance and among the most adaptable industries; it is the epitome of current affairs and captures the Zeitgeist of the moment. Fashion is new, it is constantly evolving and is an embodiment of our time. From the 1800s when fashion was the preserve of the privileged few, until today when we now carry technology, it is never static. Fashion journalists must therefore constantly evolve and reinvent themselves to be successful in the fast-paced and energized world of fashion media, Sulelo believes.

It is therefore important to choose an institution that will best position future fashion journalists for the realistic world of work. “A writer who can take a great photo can hold a blog audience while a fashion reporter who can do makeup and edit visual content will always have a long list of brands waiting to collaborate. In fact, collaboration is at the heart of everything the fashion journalist does. It requires different skills and that is why our degrees train students to become fashion reporters, stylists, photographers, filmmakers, fashion marketers and makeup artists in one program, ”says Sulelo.

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